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Block Mirror table


This season, we bring you our accessories in a refreshed format. Based on a trend expression we call ‘Soft Neutrals’, these warm and Scandinavian tones will lift the interior through a comfortable, natural aesthetic.



Soft Neutrals gives designs and spaces a warm and natural aesthetic. Our expression curated for Scandi-lovers exchanges the traditional Nordic base of white and near-whites for warmer, creamier hues. Added colours arrive light and make for perfect accompaniments to blond oak, light ceramics and the industrial accent of cement.


Don’t just sit there in the dark, let there be light! From floor lamps to wall lamps, table lamps to pendants, we’ve got a lamp for every room and situation.



Our vases are a mix of heavy and elegant glassware, beautiful ceramics and earthy stoneware and terracotta. Take your pick from calming organic shapes to shiny pieces and expressive patterns. Use the vases on their own or try a tone-in-tone styling for a calm and classic look.

Black bench


The ‘Aisle’ design is available as both a bench and as a console table. The Aisle designs are small elegant pieces that works to upgrade your home with beauty and functionality.

Use the 'Aisle' bench to add an aesthetic sophistication to your home. The interplay between the soft velvet and the curved metal frame provides a beautiful functionality and expression.

The 'Aisle' console table is the result of a playful design process where elegance and harmony has been the guiding principle. Elegantly combining functionality and aesthetics, the 'Aisle' console table will be a treasured addition to your space.

Trend: Mystic fantasy

Rich, dramatic and sophisticated. The deliciously sensual hues of muted rouges and pinks join blues, greens and dark botanicals. Materials include velvet, dark woods, marble, leather, wool and black steel. While dark coloured glass, brass and shimmery surfaces work as accents.

Dark velvet Indivi sofa
Walnut veneer Manhattan sideboard and black Como shelf

Trend: Soft blacks

Above a base palette of soft blacks rise greys, browns and calming blues. Dark leather, suede, velvet and wool find natural pairings in dark woods, marble and matt black metal. Surprising accents arrive as clear and mirrored glass. All deliver a look that is refined yet stirring.

Sculptural beauty

The Expose series is the essence of the dark themes of the season. Bringing a sense of decadence and exposed beauty to any styling.
As part of our soft black accessories, the Leaf sculptures with references to Bark and Velvet brings mystic and elegance to your styling.

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Expose black tray
Add drama and the illusion of space to any room with a stylish mirror. Find rich toned, geometric and new organic-shaped designs.
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