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BoConcept teams up with Jeff Lee to upgrade Wentworth Grange, an upscale elderly care home. Serving as both supplier and partner, BoConcept brings a touch of luxury and modern style to create a more comfortable and stylish environment.

Brand story by Sisse Bro | Herning, Denmark | 17.11.23

Danish hygge specialist BoConcept proved to be the ideal partner when Jeff Lee was looking to bring a comfortable and contemporary design feel to his high-end elderly care home, Wentworth Grange..

How can we create the best possible surroundings for the elderly to live and enjoy their later years? This seems to be the core question behind the Wentworth Grange care home in the North of England. Here, the word 'care' takes on a great variety of meanings. Essential things like accommodation, nutrition and nursing services have been given the utmost attention, all combining to offer the type of experience that most of us might only dream of enjoying when we reach this period of our own lives. Wentworth Grange's insightful interpretation of care is visible in the architecture, the garden and the interiors, even in the staff uniforms, demonstrating sensitivity and understanding of the degree to which our physical environment plays a role in our everyday wellbeing.

Interior design expertise

For a recent makeover at the location, BoConcept was engaged to assist with the transformation, providing not only furniture but interior design expertise. What started out as a simple request related to the interiors for one lounge area, developed into a more complete commission that included the reception area, the restaurant, outdoor terrace along with the hallways and small seating areas.

The setting of the care home is purely idyllic, the Epitome of romantic Victorian countryside scenography

‘We got involved around the start of this new updated phase of Wentworth Grange’, explains Emma Dickinson, Business and Trade Manager at BoConcept Business North East & Yorkshire. ‘Jeff Lee, the owner, already had plans underway for a new extension to the restaurant and had got in touch to discuss the lounge area upstairs. We initially spoke on the phone and then I visited Wentworth to look at the spaces further. Since then, it’s kind of snowballed with us helping them with further rooms and transformations.’

A fusion of some different places

The setting of the care home is purely idyllic, the epitome of romantic Victorian countryside scenography. The facility is centred around the original Victorian house which was on the site when the Lee family took the place over in the 1980s. They sank all they had – in terms of both finance and energy – into the creation of their high-end nursing home, something very much in demand during that time, though equally rare. They built onto the house, merging the new with the original classical architecture, and thus able to offer all the modern and contemporary conveniences needed for providing the best of care and service to its future residents. Owner, Jeff Lee, was just 13 years old when his parents decided to take on this challenge and now he is head of the house – managing the operation, on-call 24/7 and ready to take care of any type of question or task, day or night.

‘In BoConcept, we found not only a supplier but a partner who really cared’

For this new transformation, Lee wanted a fusion of some different inviting places; a home, a lovely restaurant, a fine hotel. ‘We care about the nice things in life which is more important than ever when you’re in your golden years. We do not wish this place to resemble a nursing home which is why I always turn down suppliers of nursing homes. We wish to offer our residents something different that can lift their spirits in every possible way, with an abundance of natural light, openness, fine decor and contemporary finishing. We went for something contemporary that is as good to look at as it is to relax in’, says Lee. ‘The furnishings from BoConcept caught my eye because they are thoughtfully designed and very comfortable with fresh and bold colours. And in BoConcept we found not only a supplier but a partner who really cared.’

Luxurious and homely

Wentworth Grange is fitted out like a hotel for the elderly, with all the nursing support directly on hand yet not the first thing you notice. ‘The brief we received was to create something that felt luxurious and homely, not a care home with a hospital feeling’, says Dickinson who visited the location on several occasions to get a sense of how the spaces were being used and what exactly was required. Besides their private rooms, the residents spend a great part of their time socialising in the common areas and therefore they were at the forefront of the plans for change: remaking beautiful spaces to talk, eat good food, play board games, welcome family, host visitors or simply relax.

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