The Madison Avenue contract team of Danish design brand BOCONCEPT helped transform the interior of a Manhattan townhouse into the Michelin-starred Korean restaurant Atomix. Karim Rashid’s modular Ottawa sofas welcome guests to the lobby of the Atomix restaurant in Manhattan. Karim Rashid’s modular Ottawa sofas welcome guests to the lobby of the Atomix restaurant in Manhattan. Photo: Diane Kang.

Great dining experiences are often enhanced by the standard of the setting. That might mean simply biting into an apple picked freshly from an orchard, or tucking in to bone marrow on toast at Fergus Henderson’s pared-back St John restaurant. As many top chefs are fond of saying; 'We eat first with our eyes'. The calm yet creative interior of New York City’s Michelin-starred Korean restaurant Atomix is one example of a space that contributes enormously to the dining experience. The interior created by Seoul-based design firm Studio Writers fuses modernity and tradition to produce an ambience that complements the multi-course tasting menu cooked up by chef Junghyun Park. The designers worked closely with Park and his wife and co-owner, Ellia, as well as the contract team at BoConcept’s Madison Avenue store to overhaul the interior of a townhouse on East 30th Street in Manhattan. A bright lounge area furnished with Karim Rashid’s Ottawa sofas provides a space for guests to enjoy welcome drinks and hors d'oeuvres, while the main dining area downstairs centres around a 14-seat chef’s counter that celebrates the communal dining experience. The counter is surrounded by Adelaide dining chairs, which feature straight wooden legs and a contrasting curved seat with inbuilt armrests for enhanced comfort. 'It was an honour to collaborate on the design for this award-winning restaurant,' says BoConcept Madison Avenue B2B Director, Dimitri Gialopsos. 'The final outcome merges aesthetic, functional and experiential approaches into the layout, and includes the perfect pieces to achieve the team’s vision.' The result of the collaboration is a restaurant that fulfils the expectations of fine-dining patrons and provides a feast for all the senses.

Chef Junghyun Park and his wife Ellia helped design the dining area, where Adelaide chairs line a counter that offers a view of the food preparation zone. Photos: Diane Kang (1), Heehyun Oh (2)

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