Round dining tables

The heart of every kitchen: a round dining table. Choose round dining tables made of glass or wood, with a simple design or additional functionalities. With a round table, dining rooms also become a social hub. Invite friends and family round and enjoy your evenings together.
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  • Dining tables - Granada table with supplementary tabletop - round - Brown - Walnut
    Product colors
    Granada table with supplementary tabletop
    Brown, Walnut
    Rec. retail price

    $ 6,729.00

    Prices from
    $ 6,059.00

  • Dining tables - New York table - round - White - Glass
    Product colors
    New York table
    White, Glass
    Rec. retail price

    $ 1,769.00

    Prices from
    $ 1,619.00

  • Dining tables - Billund table - round - White - Lacquered
    Editors' choice
    Product colors
    Billund table
    White, Lacquered
    Rec. retail price

    $ 1,759.00

    Prices from
    $ 1,699.00

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