Yellow Fabric Footstools

Sometimes, when you look at a room, something seems to be missing. Some little detail that pulls everything together. The right footstools completes the look of a room, like the period at the end of a sentence.
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  • Designer footstool table
    Will your new foot stool add colour or blend right in?

    Selecting a colour for your foot stool is important. First, you need to consider how it will be used. An impromptu coffee table? A place to rest muddy boots? A drawing board for your kids? A new perch for the clawing cat?

    BoConcept can help you consider functionality besides design. Materials that can easily be cleaned or are stain-resistant create ottomans that are versatile and modern.

    We also have foot stools with storage compartments inside, to give you another little nook to tidy away clutter.

    The colour and texture of the foot stool works with your living room plan, rather than just getting in the way. This complete guide to planning a living room can help you work out what foot stool you need, even in the smallest of rooms.