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These popular designs have been trending for years. And in your extraordinary design, they are sure to be your future interior corner stones. Explore the designs in exciting colours and materials below. Then visit your local store to experience the designs and materials up close.

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  • Deep Blues

    Deep Blues

    Blue continues to ride its wave of Interiors popularity submerging into a deeper and more muted territory. The palette ranges from greyish hues to inky indigos

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  • Luxe browns

    Luxe browns

    This trend stems from fashion’s recent reembrace of the 70s staple brown. The colour theme is growing in momentum, becoming richer and more vibrant; evoking a sense of luxury and sophistication.

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  • Industrial greys

    Industrial greys

    Grey continues to advance, growing cool and dense. Stunning on their own, these tones also pair beautifully with neutrals. The palette crosses from light greys to dark slates, with chrome still present.

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  • Muted greens

    Muted greens

    This season, dusty greens is complemented by muted organic shades. The palette delivers a sense of warm calm and helps satisfy our anti-tech-fuelled longing for the natural.

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