White Oak Chairs

The right chair can be a piece of beauty; as such, it's important to exert effort when looking for the right one. BoConcept can help here. Read on.
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    Design is in everything we do. How our furniture feels, looks, works and lasts all comes down to the genius in our design. BoConcept has partnered with some of the most prominent creatives in the business since our conception, and it’s no secret that we’re pretty proud of that.

    Through our many collaborations and original pieces, we’d like to believe that our work has helped inspire and improve the everyday of our customers for years. We also like to believe that they’ll continue to do so for many more. Our team of designers share no small part in the beauty of our furniture, and their stories and motivations are what makes BoConcept who it is.

    For an inside look on how our creatives and designers go from concept to final product, get to know our designers by clicking the link below.