Create your perfect design

The Ottawa dining table, the Ottawa dining chair, the Ottawa sofa and the Ottawa sideboard are customisable designs that can be tailored to your needs. Available in different sizes, colours and materials, create your perfect design.

Inspired by nature

橄榄绿 约克皮 Ottawa 椅的优雅细节。

Organic shape

Merging modern minimalism and organic shapes, the Ottawa collection offers a natural aesthetic that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Coffee and coffee table book resting on the Ottawa side table.

Curved design

The contemporary style and curved lines of the Ottawa series ensure a playful yet sophisticated design that adds a cosy feel to your space.

Elegant detailing on the Ottawa chair in olive green York leather.

Twig-like legs

The iconic leg design featured across all the Ottawa designs resembles tree bark, accentuating its organic beauty.


The Ottawa dining chair is truly a unique design that stands out in any dining space. Style with the Ottawa dining table for a cohesive look that celebrates Danish design or pair it with a minimalist table to showcase its beauty.


Your style and individuality bring our designs to life. So, add more you by infusing your space with personality. The right accessories, cushions, art and mementoes can tell your story and take your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Because the more you it is, the more extraordinary it becomes.

See Ottawa in your space

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