Grey Wall systems

Do you want to show your treasures or hide your secrets? Or even do both at the same time? We’re sure that we have just the right wall system for you.
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  • Popular Living room designs - Como bookcase - Grey - Lacquered
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    Como bookcase

    From S$ 695.00

    As shown S$ 695.00

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  • wall storage system

    Your wall storage

    Get storage tailored to your needs. Our wall systems come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Visit us in store and explore how we can create your personal wall shelf unit or storage system.

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    Modern wall storage

    Organise your walls

    The BoConcept range of wall systems offer you a wide range of wall organizers. Complete storage systems that you can use to store and display your items. And they can be customised to your exact needs.

  • Wall systems - Lugano wall system with drawers - Brown - Walnut
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    Lugano wall system with drawers

    From S$ 2,995.00

    As shown S$ 3,145.00

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  • creative wall storage

    Custom storage systems

    In our stores, our stylists can help you create your bespoke storage solution. From a simple shelving unit, to a large wall organizer, our stylists can tailor the solution to you.

  • Office storage - Atlanta base cabinet with drawers and bookcase - Grey - Lacquered
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    Atlanta base cabinet with drawers and bookcase

    From S$ 3,521.00

    As shown S$ 3,521.00

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  • Popular Living room designs - Copenhagen wall system - Grey - Lacquered
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    Copenhagen wall system

    From S$ 3,633.00

    As shown S$ 3,633.00

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  • wall system with desk

    Add functionality

    Have your wall system function as a work station, include a drop down module and use it as a bar or integrate speakers for the perfect media system. BoConcept wall systems can do it all.