Green Plastic Footstools

Sometimes, when you look at a room, something seems to be missing. Some little detail that pulls everything together. The right footstools completes the look of a room, like the period at the end of a sentence.
  • Footstools - Taylor footstool - Grey - Fabric
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    Taylor footstool

    From S$ 1,097.00

    As shown S$ 1,366.50

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  • Footstools - Bermuda footstool - Brown - Fabric
    Stylist‘s Choice
    Bermuda footstool

    From S$ 619.00

    As shown S$ 1,336.50

    Recommended retail price
  • Footstools - Ottawa triangular pouf with tray with USB charger - Grey - Fabric
    Stylist‘s Choice
    Ottawa triangular pouf with tray with USB charger

    From S$ 1,645.00

    As shown S$ 2,174.50

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  • Product colors
    Hampton footstool on wheels

    From S$ 901.50

    As shown S$ 1,136.00

    Recommended retail price