Beige Walnut Corner & L-Shaped Sofa

Creating a comfort zone is easy with BoConcept's L-shaped sofas. Made from fabric and leather, they can be customised to suit your personal taste and style.
  • Corner & L-Shaped Sofa - Modena corner sofa with lounging unit - Grey - Fabric
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    Modena corner sofa with lounging unit

    From S$ 4,023.00

    As shown S$ 7,287.00

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  • Corner & L-Shaped Sofa - Hampton corner sofa with adjustable back and storage on left side - Grey - Fabric
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    Hampton corner sofa with adjustable back and storage on left side

    From S$ 6,510.00

    As shown S$ 13,470.00

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  • What’s your corner sofa?

    What’s your corner sofa?

    Corner sofas come in many styles, shapes and sizes – and we want to help you find the corner sofa of your dreams. It’s about picking the right design, the right size and the right expression for you and your home.

    Do you prefer your corner sofa in neutral, accent, light or dark? Do you have the space for a huge corner sofa, or should you go with a smaller model? And is fabric or leather the right choice for your lifestyle? These are some of the difficult, yet important questions to ask.

    We here present you with 5 tips that help you do your homework, answer the difficult questions and ensure that the corner sofa that you select is your perfect choice.
  • A fabric or leather corner sofa?

    A fabric or leather corner sofa?

    What’s the best choice for you? The effortless luxury of leather or the warmth and expressiveness of fabric? Your choice is about style, comfort and maintenance. It’s about choosing the upholstery that works for you and your home.

    A leather corner sofa brings sophistication and unique character to the home. It requires little effort to care and clean and it is therefore a great choice for the busy lifestyle.

    A fabric sofa allows you to bring the texture, shade and colour that you love into your home. Ranging from a Scandinavian grey felt to an elegant dark velvet, your corner sofa will get personality and texture with the right fabric.

    We present many options and many solutions for choosing the right upholstery. Pick a design and see it in different looks and explore our guide to making the right choice here.
  • Corner & L-Shaped Sofa - Cenova corner sofa with resting unit - Beige - Fabric
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    Cenova corner sofa with resting unit

    From S$ 9,866.00

    As shown S$ 11,896.00

    Recommended retail price
  • A velvet or felt corner sofa?

    A velvet or felt corner sofa?

    With more than a hundred different fabric and leather options, it can be difficult to choose the right upholstery. With so many options, the right colour and material for your home surely exists - but what is it? Our interior designers and store team stand ready in your local store to guide you to your perfect choice of colour and quality.

    Two very popular yet contrasting choices for corner sofas are velvet and felt. The always on-trend velvet corner sofa invites warmth with a sense of eye-catching drama. The soft touch of Lux Felt adds a timeless appeal, for a Scandinavian look.

    Could one of these options be the right choice for you? Let’s help you find out.