Red Leather 2 seater sofas

The two-seater sofa is the centre of your living room and the centre of your home. With just enough space for 2, this small sofa type from BoConcept exudes hygge comfort and style.
  • 2.5 seater sofas - Indivi sofa - Brown - Fabric
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    Indivi sofa

    From S$ 2,041.00

    As shown S$ 2,916.00

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  • 2 seater sofas - Osaka sofa, tufted seat - Grey - Fabric
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    Osaka sofa, tufted seat

    From S$ 1,899.00

    As shown S$ 3,200.00

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  • 2 seater sofas - Modena 2 seater - Red - Leather
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    Modena 2 seater

    From S$ 1,500.50

    As shown S$ 3,812.00

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  • 2 seater sofas - Indivi sofa - Red - Leather
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    Indivi sofa

    From S$ 1,619.00

    As shown S$ 4,639.00

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  • Danish 2 seater sofa design


    The 2 seater sofa is the heart of the room. It’s where you relax, unwind and truly enjoy the beautiful living room that you have designed and decorated. With just enough space for 2 people and perhaps a pet to cosy up, the 2 seater sofa is where that feeling of hygge really soaks into your bones.

    To ensure that your small sofa truly belongs, you must meticulously decide on the design, style, materials, colours, size and so much more. It needs to melt effortlessly into your décor, feeling as though it belongs. The smart, compact design of the 2 seater allows you to make the most of your space and mould it into something new.

    Whether you want a vibrant, modern sofa to contrast with your period room features or a sleek, angular 2 seater for your minimalist home, there’s much to consider before making a decision.

    At BoConcept, we can help you find a design that fits your lifestyle, homestyle and family needs. You can create a sofa that breathes life into your house and makes it a home. Read this guide to help decide what your perfect sofa is.
  • 2 seater sofas - Hampton sofa with adjustable back and storage on the right side - Red - Leather
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    Hampton sofa with adjustable back and storage on the right side

    From S$ 2,425.00

    As shown S$ 7,787.50

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  • Small leather sofa


    Whether your 2 seater sofa is the heart of the room or an additional place for guests to sit while you enjoy your favourite armchair, you can’t deny that the sofa is the embodiment of hygge. BoConcept sofas are, primarily, functional. They hold you close, comfort you and become a safe place to relax.

    We’ve worked with expert designers to combine that comforting, functional aspect of sofas with graceful, elegant and contemporary designs. Because you don’t just want the room to feel good, it needs to look good too.

    The two seater sofa brings people together. Let that be your inspiration as you decide the size, placement, textures and feel of your sofa. This guide will help you reveal the soul of the room through BoConcept furnishings.
  • 2 seater sofas - Mezzo sofa - Red - Leather
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    Mezzo sofa

    From S$ 3,087.00

    As shown S$ 8,099.00

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