Orange Oak Chairs

The right chair can be a piece of beauty; as such, it's important to exert effort when looking for the right one. BoConcept can help here. Read on.
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    At BoConcept, Danish traditions of wellbeing and comfort lives and breathes in the very fabric of our design. We are proud to work with talented and renowned designers who enable us to create and introduce contemporary chairs that cater to the needs of you and your home.

    Our recliner chairs bring added functionality alongside tailored comfort. Every one of our models are available in several unique designs. When choosing your recliner chair, consider what you need it to do, where you want it to be and how you want it to look. Doing a bit of homework goes a long way in finding a style that fits you and your space.

    Come by one of our stores for an up-close look at our range of recliner chairs. Our in-store experts will assist you in picking out the design and lets you settle on an upholstery that’s right for you. Whether it’s for lounging on the weekends or enjoying your favourite book, every home needs a great recliner chair. Read more on how to find a design that suits your space below.


    Living for the sun – BoConcept outdoor chairs bring comfortable seating to your garden or balcony. Whether it’s sharing a drink in the autumn breeze or cooling down in the shade on a hot day, your outdoor space is filled with possibilities.

    Depending on the size of your terrace or patio, transforming your outdoor space into a cosy lounge area, dining space or both brings new meaning to flexible living. At BoConcept, our designers combine anti-weather materials and quality craftsmanship to create contemporary and stylish designs that stand the test of untimely weather.

    No need to worry about direct sunlight or rain, our chairs peak under pressure. For more on how to breathe new life into your outdoor space, click the link below to read our detailed guide on living for the sun.