Sofa beds

Room for one more? A sofa bed means there’s space for family, friends and unexpected guests. And they’re perfect when you want to live both smaller and smarter.
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  • Sofa beds - Indivi sofa bed - Grey - Fabric
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  • Sofa beds - Taylor sofa sleeper - Yellow - Fabric
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  • Danish sofa bed design


    When the evening comes, is there anything better than settling down on a comfortable sofa with a glass of wine in one hand? We can’t think of many things better, especially when said sofa is a stylish, refined BoConcept sofa bed.

    Impromptu visits, family emergencies and your kids sleepover. The sofa bed suddenly transforms a relaxed living room into a comfortable place to rest your head. Combining these 2 home essentials into one saves space, giving you opportunities to create new designs in your small rooms, or simply let in more light.

    But don’t confuse a designer BoConcept sofa bed with the lumpy futon at your parents’ home. These sofa beds fit seamlessly with your contemporary home. Sleek leathers and minimalist designs unfold into comfortable beds that look like they belong in the living room.

    For more ideas on how to build a living room around your sofa bed, check out our comprehensive guide.