Grey Leather Rectangular rugs

Frame your space and complete your interior - these rectangular rugs offer a wide range of versatile and attractive expressions to your interior. Under your sofa, in your bedroom, alongside your dining table… you'll never go wrong with a rectangular rug!
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  • Rugs - Quarter rug - rectangular - Grey - Leather
    Quarter rug

    From S$ 3,219.00

    As shown S$ 3,219.00

    Recommended retail price
  • Rugs - Sakka rug - rectangular - Grey - Leather
    Sakka rug

    From S$ 3,278.50

    As shown S$ 5,048.50

    Recommended retail price
  • Rugs - Random rug - rectangular - Grey - Leather
    Random rug

    From S$ 3,431.50

    As shown S$ 3,431.50

    Recommended retail price