Wild fights and smashed furniture

‘It’s been a while since I have had a more physically demanding role like this one’ explains Mads Mikkelsen about his latest film with BoConcept. Although the film is just under 3 minutes it is packed with action and special effects. While having his Copenhagen apartment fully redecorated by two BoConcept interior designers, Mads takes on a wild fight where he smashes through a wall, crashes into a book case, falls through a glass table and both gives and receives some serious punches.

Experienced professionals

The special effects team Dansk Special Effekt Service, led by Hummer Højmark, is used to working on complicated productions. The team is well known within the international film industry and has done SFX for blockbuster action films like The Hunger Games series and The Monument Men. ‘Even a smaller production like the BoConcept movie requires a lot of preparation by the special effects team and the stunt coordinator. We have to be prepared that there can be several takes on a scene,’ explains Dejan Cukic, director of the film and the man who brought the team together. ‘When Mads falls through that glass table everybody on the set is focused and concentrated 100%. With so much happening in such a short production, working with a top-class team of professionals is crucial.’


50 years old and in super shape

‘I really enjoyed doing these stunts – I may just have turned 50, but I am in super shape and I think it is so much fun to do things like this’, says Mads about the shoot in Copenhagen. Mads was guided through the stunts by professional Stunt Coordinator Kimmo Rajala, who worked with Mads for the first time and was impressed. ‘Mads is such an uncomplicated and down-to-earth person. He is very athletic and eager to make it look just right, so it was like working with a professional stuntman. For me it was one of those projects that was a real pleasure to work on.’

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