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The right material is more than just a prerequisite of a quality design piece. It’s your chance to imbue a design with personality and style.

Below we walk you through our vast collection of fabrics and leathers and explore the different textures, qualities and colours. And remember, our interior designers are always ready for a talk about the perfect material for you.

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The LEEDS fabric is your choice for a contemporary design. Its timeless look and high quality ensure that your furniture will be a fashionable fit, no matter what changes to your future interior may bring.

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Cream Leeds fabric 3020
Dusty rose Leeds fabric 3024
Light grey Leeds fabric 3021
Dark grey Leeds fabric 3023


The NANI fabric has a very nice fine structure and veining, making it perfect for a timeless modern style. It has the high performance of a synthetic fibre.

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Sand-coloured Nani fabric 2110
Dark grey Nani fabric 2111


BRESSO is all about comfort. In both look and touch, this microfiber weave in a knitted expression ensures that your furniture is soft and welcoming. A perfect touch of comfort and durability.

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Beige Bresso fabric 3150
Sand Bresso fabric 3151
Grey Bresso fabric 3152
Green Bresso fabric 3153


BRISTOL is the perfect choice for an easy-to-maintain upholstery with beautiful looks. The fabric features a tactile plain weave that creates a subtle texture and timeless expression.

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Beige Bristol fabric 3063
Light grey Bristol fabric 3060
Mustard Bristol fabric 3066
Dark green Bristol fabric 3068
Blue Bristol fabric 3065


The MOJAVE fabric has a special structure that adds a soft and inviting look to the furniture. It is perfect for a more formal style and for combining with neutral tones and wooden materials. Ideal to create a modern, yet classy atmosphere.

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Beige Mojave fabric 0300
Light grey Mojave fabric 0301


Add an exclusive touch to your furniture with the striped velvet effect of the SKAGEN fabric. Soft, and durable this fabric will serve to emphasise the comfort and design of your chosen furniture.

The SKAGEN fabric is named after the northernmost point in Denmark. The city of Skagen is renowned for its amazing light, unique nature, and white beaches with beautiful lines. The lines in the SKAGEN fabric ensure a beautiful and characteristic expression that is both elegant and modern. The fabric feels incredibly soft and it comes in an extremely durable quality. The fabric has been given a stain and water repellent treatment and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX®, which is a guarantee that no hazardous chemicals have been used in its production.

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Beige Skagen fabric 3160
Sand Skagen fabric 3161
Dark blue Skagen fabric 3163
Steel Skagen fabric 3164
Green Skagen fabric 3165


Soft, durable and pleasing on the eye, VELVET adds an inviting look to the furniture. The fabric will bring a glow and sense of sophistication and is your choice for a modern, yet classy atmosphere.

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Sand Velvet fabric 3033
Grey Velvet fabric 3030
Olive green Velvet Fabric 3134
Dusty red Velvet fabric 3133
Dusty green Velvet fabric 3032
Dusty brown Velvet fabric 3132
Blue Velvet fabric 3031


TUSCANY is a woven jacquard chenille fabric with a cosy tactile finish. Available in several different shades to complement your space and style, its rich, layered texture gives your furniture design a unique colour mix.

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White Tuscany fabric 3200
Beige Tuscany fabric 3201
Brown Tuscany fabric 3202
Grey Tuscany fabric 3203
Green Tuscany fabric 3204
Mustard Tuscany fabric 3205
Blue Tuscany fabric 3206


The FRISCO fabric is a woven polyester fabric. It is ideal for heavy domestic use and perfect for tight/non-removable covers. It is recommended for the practical household.

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Light grey Frisco fabric with aquaclean 2063
Stone grey Frisco fabric with aquaclean 2067
Light blue Frisco fabric with aquaclean 2056
Dark blue Frisco fabric with aquaclean 2065
Dark green Frisco fabric with Aquaclean 2058
Camel Frisco fabric with aquaclean 2057
Beige Frisco fabric 2070


LAZIO has the appearance of a boucle fabric, characterized by its heavy look and uneven structure. The fabric unfolds new stories as you interact with it. Get close and examine the intricate structure and its mixed colour palette. Step away and be mesmerized by its interplay with light and shadow. It’s a fabric that begs to be touched, delivering a rich softness and drape that lends beauty to any form. The cotton-wool blend is designed by heritage Italian fabric house, Mario Sirtori.

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White Lazio fabric 3090
Beige Lazio fabric 3091
Light green Lazio fabric 3092
Dark green Lazio fabric 3094
Brown Lazio fabric 3096
Grey Lazio fabric 3097


TOMELILLA offers an enticing sheen with a light and dark melange effect. The satisfyingly soft feel combined with a strong durability ensures that your furniture will look great for years. TOMELILLA is designed by Italian fabric house Mario Sirtori.

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Mustard Tomelilla fabric 3143
Grey Tomelilla fabric 3142
Blue Tomelilla fabric 3144
Beige Tomelilla fabric 3145


NAPOLI is a corduroy velvet fabric developed exclusively for BoConcept. It is a woven fabric composed of twisted fibres that, when woven, lie parallel in order to form a distinct pattern like a 'cord'. The fabric looks as if it is made from multiple cords laid parallel to each other and then stitched together (hence the name corduroy). NAPOLI has a soft and pleasant hand feel with a vintage look with a very modern appeal.

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Silver grey Napoli 2250
Golden beige Napoli fabric 2252
Turquoise Napoli fabric 2253
Dark blue Napoli fabric 2257
Taupe Napoli fabric 2251
Stone grey Napoli fabric 2255
Sand Napoli fabric 2267
Dusty green Napoli fabric 2268


Made with 100% premium quality New Zealand worsted wool, Wellington is a woven felt upholstery fabric that offers a modern take on the classic texture. With a contemporary colour scheme and an ultra-soft, satin-like feel, it offers exceptional strength and durability with a Martindale rating of 100,000. The fabric is also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it’s been made without using hazardous chemicals and carries the EU Ecolabel.

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Light grey melange Wellington fabric 3170
Beige Wellington fabric 3171
Light grey Wellington fabric 3172
Stone Wellington fabric 3173
Yellow melange Wellington fabric 3174
Mustard melange Wellington fabric 3175
Orange brown Wellington fabric 3176


SALTO is a corrected leather made from South American cow hides. Cow hides have a nice fullness and feel which ensures a soft leather. SALTO leather has been sanded down, maintaining 25% of its natural grain, and corrected. The look is rustic offering an exclusive and inviting appearance with an exquisite seating comfort, making it well suited for large soft surfaces. Ideal if you who want a uniform look and easy maintenance. Perfect for families with children or pets.

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Snow white Salto leather 0966
Light grey Salto leather 0967
Stone Salto leather 0968
Caramel Salto leather 0969
Black Salto leather 0960


ESTORIL is a semi-aniline leather made from European or Brazilian cow hides. ESTORIL has undergone a slight correction of the grain leaving 90% of the natural grain intact and most hallmarks visible. The surface has only received a thin layer of colour, not enough to close the pits, meaning that moisture and heat are transferred into the leather. ESTORIL requires more maintenance than a corrected leather as it is more sensitive towards liquids, dirt etc. ESTORIL is high-quality leather with a soft and comfortable seating comfort. Over the years ESTORIL will develop a beautiful patina. Ideal if you appreciate the beauty and characteristics of a natural leather, but prefer less maintenance than an aniline leather.

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Vanilla white Estoril leather 0956
Beige Estoril leather 0958
Light taupe Estoril leather 5022
Stone Estoril leather 0953
Mole Estoril leather 0959
Camel Estoril leather 0957
Mocca Estoril leather 0954
Tobacco Estoril leather 0951
Black Estoril leather 0950


York is a butter-soft pure aniline leather made from European cow hides. The skins are finished with a thin protective layer, making them less susceptible to stains. York is also characterised by its natural marks and ability to take on patina. It is the choice for families wanting the high-end look and feel of aniline leather, with less maintenance. York has been finished with a thin protection to make the leather less stainable. However, aniline leather will always be very susceptible. The thin protection makes York suitable for families who want high-end pure aniline leather – but have a need for soft cleaning.

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Cognac York leather 5120
Light brown York leather 5122
Olive green York leather 5121


Sienna is a leather that has to be touched to be believed. It is made from European cow hides, and delivers the highest aniline quality. This premium leather is drum dyed, waxed and plated. The texture is simply exceptional with natural markings and grain; ready for a patina-rich look. Sienna is a pure aniline leather which has been drum-dyed, waxed and kiss plated in order to achieve an outstanding touch and feel. The leather is as soft as the most expensive and exclusive leather gloves. The Sienna leather is the best of the best and will develop a beautiful patina over time.

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Stone Sienna leather 5113
Black Sienna leather 5112

Nordic Grain

Classic and timeless, NORDIC GRAIN is a high-quality, fully traceable, biodegradable leather created in partnership with SPOOR. Handmade with Scandinavian hides, this beautiful and ethical leather is processed in a way that ensures a uniform surface, so every piece is consistent in colour, pattern and texture.

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Black Nordic Grain leather 5130
Stone Nordic Grain leather 5131
Taupe Nordic Grain leather 5132
Olive green Nordic Grain leather 5133
Caramel Nordic Grain leather 5134


RAVELLO is a velvet fabric that brings warmth, texture and luxury to any space. Soft to the touch with a shine and cloud effect, this sustainable fabric is available in a variety of shades inspired by nature to complement any interior design setting. It is also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it’s been made without harmful chemicals.

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Sand Ravello fabric 3220
Beige Ravello fabric 3221
Grey Ravello fabric 3222
Dusty green Ravello fabric 3223
Dusty rose Ravello fabric 3224
Dark blue Ravello fabric 3225

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Go with your instincts and shoose from more tha 120 differnt fabrics and leathers. Explore different structures, weaves, finishes, qualities and colors to find the fabric that matches your specific needs and tastes. And remember that you can order free materials samples for you to look at in the comfort of your home.


Nothing has greater effect on your sofa or chair than the fabric or leather you choose. First, you tend to go for a specific color. Maybe you want a strong colour. Or a warm colour that is in harmony with the room. Maybe you need something more practical, with a dark fabrick or leather. Then think about style and material. A sleek design wi delicate details is emphasised with fine woven fabrics or leather. Or a soft design will benefit from thick, textured fabrics. Let our interior designers help you choose the right cover for your upholstery.


At BoConcept, you'll always have the best furniture materials to choose from when covering your sofa or chair. We carefully test all of our fabircs and leathers at qualified and certified laboratories and select them according to look, feel, utility, and strength. Each material has different benefits and properties; it's your taste and lifestyle that should decide which material is perfect for your new soa or chair.

Our leather range include different leathers such as corrected, semi-aniline, and the finest of them all, aniline leather. We also have easy-care materials that are more resistant to wear and tear and are easier to clean.

Our fabric range includes cotton, velvet, wool, viscose, and many other great upholstery fabrics in different colours. We want you to be able to enjoy your furniture for many years. That's why we recommend that you use BoConcept care products for your furniture.


We're happy to send you the material swatches. Order the ones you like today and explore our materials up close in the comfort and context of your home.