Adding Warmth in Costa Rica

Andrés Morales is a Costa Rican architect who needed help furnishing his newly created Costa Rican home. After designing a home full of personality, he and his wife Mariella need personal furniture that could enable their lifestyle. Watch below, as Andrés talk about the interior design challenge and how BoConcept helped create the perfect composition.

Furnishing a luxury villa in Costa Rica

Andrés Morales was drawn by BoConcept’s collection-wide customisation, and the freedom of expression. Together with an interior designer he furnished his newly built luxury villa in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Read below as we interview him about his experience.



Describe how you approached the architectural design.

We have a very hot tropical climate; however, we also experience fresh breezes and winds. It is also a rainy zone with often dramatic weather changes throughout the day.


I created an architectural design that complements this environment, bringing recognisable features of Costa Rican architecture, using local materials like wood, stone and glass, acting as modern counterparts that create transparencies in the design. 




What were your main interior design challenges?

Though we love our home we quickly identified a discord between architecture and furniture. We already had some designer furniture, but we felt they were modern yet cold, ultimately making us uncomfortable in the space.


We also have three small children who play around the house. So, we wanted durable furniture that they can enjoy without us worrying about wear and tear; with materials and surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain.

The selected design furniture

So, why BoConcept?

The house has a contemporary Costa Rican style, with horizontal clean lines and pure geometry. So, when we began searching for furniture we were drawn to BoConcept’s designs and its modern lines and materials. 


They also have excellent service and beautiful stores, where you simply want to buy everything! [laughs] Then, the fact that you have so many options on fabrics, material and colours is very impressive. Finally, working with an Interior Designer that is a trained architect or a designer, with their knowledge and background, makes the process of choosing the furniture easier; seeing the spaces and helping you envisage how it will all look. 


Describe the process.

We visited the BoConcept store. We met [BoConcept Interior Designer] Diana Alfaro and told her about our challenges. She visited us at home and examined all the details, and that was when the project was brought to life. 


Diana learned our taste and the specifics of our needs. The three of us spent a lot of time working and designing. Choosing the right fabrics, surface material, features and sizes. The latter can be deceptive. For example, we initially chose a table that fit the room. But Diana, with her knowledge of the collection, was able to tell us that it would be imposing in our space. This knowledge is priceless.


Later, Diana sent us options as 3D visualisations, and we finally landed on the design we love. Every detail was defined and when the furniture arrived, the team assembled it all very carefully and cleaned everything afterwards. All we had to do was enjoy it. It was a very satisfying process and excellent service.


And what about the results?

We were very excited, and we are still enjoying the furniture today. They have really changed our home. Our loved ones, who have visited and seen the transformation, have noticed how good this has been for our family. This is crucial for us, since this space, that was cold, is now very welcoming. 


What have you learned from the experience?

That everything is a composition. Not only the architecture but also the furniture. The furniture is essential, since it is an integral part of the space. It is what you will be living with every day. 

I would also say that your home is very personal, so you must take an active part in the process; you have to investigate, touch the materials, see the colours, imagine the space. At the end of the day, you are the one who will live in the home and enjoy it.

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