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In the above video, we follow the process of creating a living room with help from a BoConcept interior designer. Every day, our interior designers work to create curated solutions that is all about the client.

Below we take you through a selection of our cases from around the world, as we hear from the customers about their experience with a BoConcept interior designer.

Andrés and Mariela

“Working with an Interior Designer that is a trained architect or a designer, with their knowledge and background, makes the process of choosing the furniture easier; seeing the spaces and helping you envisage how it will all look.
Every detail was defined and when the furniture arrived, the team assembled it all very carefully and cleaned everything afterwards. All we had to do was enjoy it. It was a very satisfying process and excellent service."

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Luxury villa in Costa Rica

Andrés Morales is a Costa Rican architect who needed help furnishing his newly created Costa Rican home. After designing a home full of personality, he and his wife Mariella identified a discord between architecture and furniture. The family turned to BoConcept to get help furnishing with personal, durable furniture that they can enjoy without worry.

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Interior UK

Clinton's stylish home

Clinton Dall's newly built modernist home just outside London was inspired by Mies van der Rohe's legendary Barcelona Pavilion and it was important to Clinton that the furniture would be specifically matched to the contemporary house. The result is an expressive blue and brown colour scheme, organic forms and natural materials that perfectly complements his extensive art collection.

Interior UK

Clinton Dall

“I have very strong ideas myself about design, the colours and everything I want to do. And I think you do take advice when you come into shops, and they have expertise. The interior designer gave me some ideas as well, and helped reconfirm things that I want to do. Having a second person say ‘Yes, I think that would work’. I think that just reconfirms it. And then you can go with that idea quite confidently then.”


She was trying to find out what we liked and that really showed us that she cared. I think that was a big difference.

Interior Miami

A Miami apartment

When Elisa and Eduardo moved to Florida, they sold their apartment in Sao Paolo, Brazil including all their furniture. Apart from a couple of blue vases and one bookcase, they had to start all over with the interior for their new 2-bedroom apartment in downtown Miami. The result is a functional home where neutral and light colour tones, clever storage ideas, and shiny surfaces optimise their space and make the rooms feel bigger than they are.

Interior Miami

Elisa & Eduardo

“When we went to the store it was really good because there was a lot of nice furniture. Not only beautiful things but also functional things that we were looking for. The interior designer made us sit in all the sofas, and talked to us, and listened to us. She was trying to find out what we liked and that really showed us that she cared. I think that was a big difference. “

Interior London

A London Concept

The stylish brothers Sam and Eddie share a spacious and elegant three bedroom apartment in the bustling city of London. They consulted BoConcept to get a new sofa but ended up with a total makeover of their big living room that they use for both working, relaxing and hanging out with their friends.

Interior London

Sam & Eddie

“We had a few pieces of furniture that we wanted to work with. It wasn’t about trying to go and buy everything all at once. It was more about trying to fit everything together. Antonio [the interior designer] is a great guy and he helped us a lot. When he came in, we took some measurements and went back to the store, put the measurements into the system and made the design of the room. Then we could actually see how it will look.
From the moment we walked in, until the delivery of the sofa – even the follow up phone calls after – was exceptional. When you come in, you feel at home.”

Mari Kuwano

Our room would have been pale and boring had we not asked for professional help

Interior Japan

A family concept in Tokyo

How do you combine running a busy, successful business with being super dedicated to your family? Katsumi Kuwano and his wife Mari found their way of balancing work and enjoying family life with their 5-year-old boy Katsuma.
They considered living outside of Tokyo in a big house with a nice garden but decided to stay in the city close to Mr. Kuwano’s e-com company in order to save time on everyday transportation. In the city they created their own little oasis with help from Interior Designer Takashi Masuda. With neutral colours and functional furniture they made a stylish and spacious home - perfect for the family of three.

Interior Japan

Mari & Katsumi

“We had been planning to purchase a sofa in a bigger configuration until we asked the interior designer to help us make the furniture layout. It was good to realise that we actually did not have enough space for it when he showed us the drawing.
I was impressed by the layout and the way of using colours that the interior designer suggested to us. It was something we could never come up with by ourselves. He has given us a lot of great ideas that were really helpful for us.
Our room would have been pale and boring had we not asked for professional help”

Interior Miami

A holiday home in Miami

Gerardo and Keila Coronado live in Venezuela, but just bought a holiday get-away in Miami. The apartment is light and airy with a large balcony and a breathtaking view, and it's located nearby both the airport, the beach and down-town Miami. The couple knew BoConcept from their home town Caracas, and naturally turned to our Miami Interior Designer Michelle for help with decorating their new apartment. The result? A classic and elegant interior in perfect balance that compliments the couple's preferences, the architecture and the waterfront view.

Interior Miami

Gerardo & Keila

“The help from an expert is very important in everything you do. Sometimes you have a preference, a hobby or simply an intuition that something might work. Even if you have a lot of knowledge, the help of a professional expert will always make the difference and make the most of time, money as well as the coordination in all that you are trying to do.”

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