The Milano table

Your family dining table

Your dining table is the perfect place to connect with loved ones. To let the phone be and catch up on interests, share laughs and enjoy the pleasure of friends and family. A dining table should bring people together and help create an intimate space of love and laughter. This requires a functionality that adapts to the life you live. A dining table that can adapt to your party and provide the setting for sharing moments that matter.

That’s why the Milano dining table, in its beautiful functionality, has proven a dining room star in more than 150.000 homes across the globe.

Milano dining table in dining room with six adelaide swivel dining chairs

A classic Danish design

The Milano dining table is a classic design icon by Danish designer Morten Georgsen. Morten Georgsen is famed for his designs where Danish minimalism meets elegant functionality in beautiful expressions that work in the home. The Milano table in many ways is an epitome of Morten Georgsen’s design language as it combines a clear purpose with elegant simplicity and exciting functions. Perfect for both family dinners and for entertaining guests.

Why choose Milano?

Choose a Milano dining table if you value a timeless, Scandinavian ambience in your dining space and value the flexibility that the Milano design offers. The flexibility of having a table that serve the family on a day-to-day basis but easily can extend when you entertain guests. But also the flexibility of personalizing the design to your home.

Elegant functionality – if you need it

The Milano table can come with built-in, hidden extension leaf that extends the seating to up to 12 people. The extension mechanism is in the form of a butterfly insert hidden inside the table – a mechanism so smooth that it can be managed using only one hand. The built in insert further means that you avoid having additional table tops stored elsewhere in your home.

Don’t need this functionality? The table is available with and without extension leaves. If you prefer without, the single top appears completely seamless for a beautiful, completed look to the design.


Customise your table

Dinner time brings people together. Make your own space for happy memories with a dining table that suits your taste. With Milano, you can choose between different sizes, materials and bases. Personalise and coordinate the expression with the rest of your dining room decor.

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Coordinated design

No matter how you choose to customize your Milano table, know that it is easy to integrate into a full dining concept. BoConcept designs are developed with a holistic that enables a co-ordinated look. A perfect companion for the Milano table is the Adelaide chairs that compliments the contours of the table.

Get up close with Adelaide

The bright Scandi

An elegant white table top and solid oak legs combine for a bright Scandinavian expression. Customized with table legs and straight lines, this Milano table offers a bright Danish minimalism that brings an honest and airy feel to the dining space.

The sophisticated cosmopolite

Dramatic and sophisticated, the walnut customisation of the Milano table ensures a warm ambience in the dining space. The centre base makes sure that everyone around the table are seated comfortably even when extended.

Dining room with Milano dining table in walnut veneer

The hardworking Spaniard

Danish designer Morten Georgsen works from his studio in Valencia. From here he has continued to work with optimising the design and functionality of the Milano table. His latest addition is a Spanish ceramic table top that is virtually scratch free and heat resistant up to 200° C. More than that, the ceramic adds a beautiful, organic character to the design.

Black round dining table and brown leather dining chairs

7 dining table buying tips

To help you make the right decision when choosing a dining table, we’ve put together this dining table buying guide. Following these seven easy tips will allow you to choose a table that best matches your home, lifestyle and taste – a design that you will love for many years to come.

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Small Milano dining table with two dining chairs

Intimate dining

Milano can be your big statement dining table, but it’s also available for compact living. In this version, it’s intimate, seating two to four diners. Slide open the top, pull out its concealed extension leaf, and it becomes a six seater for dinner parties.

Designer, Morten Georgsen

Up close the designer

"What good is beautiful design if it never gains widespread acceptance? By the end of the day, furnishing is a practical need that we all have, and in that sense, we all deserve good style and quality that works."
Designer Morten Georgsen is very focused on the interplay between style and functionality. Combining pleasing proportions, colours and materials, a Morten Georgsen design will evoke a good feeling in the home.

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BoConcept craftsmanship

Rooted in craftsmanship

The Milano table is produced at our company-owned factory in Denmark. With a keen eye to detail and functionality, the flawless butterfly movement of the table is a technical masterpiece. And it’s not something new to us – the functionality is reminiscent of one of our earliest designs: an extendable teak table crafted in 1954.

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