The Chelsea collection

Soft curves sofa - Chelsea collection by Karim Rashid

BoConcept first worked with Karim Rashid in 2012 for the Red Dot and Good Design awarded Ottawa collection. He has since penned the reconfigurable Ottawa sofa; which also garnered a Good Design and iF Design award in 2018. Now, the collaboration continues with Chelsea – a minimal yet emotive collection comprising 2.5-seater sofa, matching chair, plus wall, floor-standing and pendant lamps.

A small inspiration

The Chelsea collection epitomises Karim’s unmistakable design language of fluid organic forms. More than aesthetic, Karim’s decision to remove hard surfaces and sharp edges creates visual and tactile comfort and an arresting sense of calm – attributes the designer's believe are vital in the compact-living settings that are Chelsea’s inspiration.

“For twenty years I was living in Chelsea in New York. And a lot of the new condominiums tend to be small. And when you’re living in a small space, less is more. You need a soft environment and space to breathe, relax, socialise and work. To put a small, soft environment in a small apartment really makes sense”

Karim Rashid

A natural design for our time

Karim employes a design philosophy he calls ‘Sensual Minimalism’; very simple, reductive and minimal. But not minimalism in the way we think of it: hard edged forms, a square, a cylinder. Chelsea is about the human body. It’s amorphous and soft. No matter where you touch the Chelsea chair, you never feel like you’re hurting yourself or going against nature.

“Chelsea has this notion of being urban in small living spaces, but still retaining a sense of high-quality, luxury and craftsmanship.”

State of the art design

The Chelsea sofa and chair are crafted using cold-cure foam over a steel frame and high-quality springs. The state-of-the-art specification allows for precise 360-modelling, zero foam sagging and exceptional comfort. Chelsea sits on a concealed wooden plinth in black, conjuring a sense of levitation

Up close with Karim Rashid

Cultural shaper. Artist. Nonconformist. Just some of the tags of world-famous designer Karim Rashid. We spoke to the world-famous designer about his process, definitions of success and the fact that, contrary to belief, he’s just a down-to-earth Virgo.

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The designs bring people together through concepts of living and a Karim Rashid design is always functional, flexible and made for you. It’s minimal, it’s sensual, it’s furniture designed to touch people’s emotions.

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