Top Choices: Multifunctional furniture

Enable your lifestyle with furniture that adapts to your way of life. Whether it's a multifunctional table, an extra bed or a versatile storage solution, having furniture that transforms to the situation, will empower your life.

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Multifunctional furniture to make the most of your space

Having furniture that suits the space in your home will allow you to live your own extraordinary life. Too often the constrains of the space limits us. The solution: furniture that adapts to the situation. That allows you to entertain guests, invite people to stay the night, transform from living to dining space or add a workstation to the room. It’s about ensuring accessibility, comfort and purpose. Below we go through our curated selection of BoConcept products that will enable your extraordinary lifestyle.

From seat to bed

A comfortable place to relax and a welcome bed for weary guests, all wrapped into one compact, functional and luxurious sofa or footstool. You won’t believe these sleek, sharp contemporary designs unfold into beds.

Hidden storage

An important element to enabling your lifestyle is having a space that can hold your possessions without cluttering and messing with your interior expression. These items feature hidden storage that makes organisation easy.

Coffee, dinner or party?

A coffee table with storage and flexible tops that make dinner on the sofa easy? Or a coffee table that can transform into a dining table? Extendable dining tables of all shapes and sizes? Making room for dinner guests has never been easier.

Make the most of your walls

If you are short on floor space, the solution could very well be to look to the walls. Storage with fold-down tables that can function as desks, storage with integrated speakers, or minimal shelves can solve your clutter issues, move functionality to the walls, and create much needed floor space.

Comfort for every situation

Functional furniture is not only about adapting to the situation. It’s about optimising the situation. These designs with reclining functionality will add a new level of comfort to your home – without compromising on looks.

Move it around

Stack the Florence chairs and move them to the site. Grab the Jersey table and use it for your present need or bring the Bermuda or Ottawa footstool and use it as extra seating, footrest or coffee table. These designs are easy to move around to solve your present need.

Chair with brown leather and black legs and a trolley in walnut and black with a black table lamp.

Make the most of your dining space

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Motion sofa in light grey felt fabric and white wall system with oak drawers.

Make the most of your living space

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Reading in bed

Make the most of your bedroom

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