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Grey Indivi sofa

The Indivi sofa 

In 2019, we celebrate 20 years of the design Anders Nørgaard calls “my baby” – the Indivi sofa. For 20 years it has made its way to homes all across the globe. Through borders and shifting trends, the Indivi sofa has maintained its status a contemporary sofa choice. 

Dark velvet sofa

Timeless Danish minimalism

When asked what is behind Indivi’s success, Anders Nørgaard explains; “Customers love its minimalism, which can be maintained, or easily given more personality with a throw or cushions. It can offer a somewhat utilitarian look, or you can choose the highest-quality leather and it becomes very luxurious. Today’s Indivi still delivers lots of freedom with various configuration, leg and armrest options. It’s timeless Danish minimalism.”

Your personal expression

At the heart of the Indivi concept is its configurability and individuality. Depending on your choices, the look of the design morphs into your personal expression. Below we show you two different room settings that highlight the individuality that is at the heart of Indivi.

Dark wonder

Indivi Velvet Sofa

Dark, dramatic and sophisticated. These are just some of the themes in this room composition featuring the Indivi in a dusty green velvet with low armrests and elegant steel legs.


The velvet texture and dark botanicals of the composition leap out from the muted palette to create a dramatic yet sophisticated expression.


Glossy surfaces like smoked glass and ceramic add surprising accents that play off the dark upholstery and the classic lines of the sofa design.


The dark velvet combined with the complementary muted tones of the room and accessories ensure a personal look and feel.

Bright minimalism

Grey Indivi

This monochrome and minimalistic look is inspired by the urge to reconnect with our self and reflect the day. The Indivi with tall armrests in the light grey Bristol fabric seamlessly emphasise the room’s bright tones while creating a soft balance in the expression.


The bright fabric and elegance of the sofa play of the tones of pale ceramic, concrete and clear mirror glass in a calm and balanced setting.

Soft feels

The minimal look gives the natural textures and pattering the freedom to create a soft and warm feel in the room.


The bright fabric combines perfectly with the calm tones of grey, blue and green to create balance and a personal energy in the expression.

Anders Nørgaard

Anders Nørgaard in Aarhus

Get up close with the designer of Indivi, Anders Nørgaard, as he walks through the city that inspires his designs.

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