Billund dining table and Aarhus dining chairs

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The billund dining table

Maximise your room space
The extendable Billund dining table adapts to suit you with the smoothest mechanics and a simple, foldable design. The small size of the dining table provides you with a stylish table for even the smallest dining space. Flip the top down or up and have room for five people around the table. The round Billund table is design and function coming together in a perfect expression of Scandinavian design. A must-have for any open-plan kitchen space or compact dining room. 
Wood close up
Extendable white Billund table with Oak veneer Aarhus chairs
Billund dining table and Aarhus dining chairs
Aarhus chair in walnut veneer
Osaka storage footstool

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In need of small dining room ideas? Do compact living in style and give your dining experience a roomy feel with perfectly proportioned space saving furniture. Just because your dining room is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be functional and stylish. Here is how to make the most of your dining space.

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