Creating Hygge in Your Living Room

Danes are among the happiest people in the world and Hygge is a reflection of the Danish soul. In your living room, Hygge invites quality time with family and friends, cocooned in soft textures while sipping coffee by the warm glow of candlelight. Overall, Hygge is a lifestyle choice of comfort, pleasure and wellbeing that you can easily bring to your living room.

Mustard Indivi Sofa

Serene Seating

Hygge encourages you to enjoy the simple joys of life, like curling up on the sofa for a movie or cosy chats with loved ones. As the focal point of your living room, the sofa starts your Hygge journey, expressing comfort and intimacy. Choosing soft, neutral colours like grey, brown and blue relaxes the mind. The straight lines of the Carmo sofa provide a soothing aesthetic. Stacked cushions in plush fabrics invite you to settle in for long, leisurely moments.

Along with your sofa, armchairs denote social gatherings in the living room. Think elegant, slim lines ensconced in snug fabric with a matching footstool, like the Adelaide. Armchairs also allow you to add a splash of colour, such as warm yellow, and texture with black leather. As a final touch, throws or blankets in natural materials promote serene nights in, when it’s cold outside.

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Personal Mementoes

Creating an environment of happiness is central to Hygge. Your personal mementoes are a statement of who you are, showcasing your love of life and reminding you of cherished memories. To avoid clutter, create displays that draw the eye to one area on shelving or coffee tables with clean lines and organic shapes. For example, the slender legs and round table top of the Bornholm offers a chic resting place for vases or magazines.

Add books, photos, travel paraphernalia, historic treasures or anything that expresses your personality and gives you a feeling of happiness. Other elements for accessorising might include soft floor rugs, feature paintings, mirrors or sculptures reminiscent of the little things in life that bring you joy.

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Ambient Lighting

The right lighting scheme goes a long way towards a Hygge atmosphere in your living room. A relaxing, harmonious feeling comes from indirect, low-level lighting, rather than one or two stark overhead lights. There are plenty of ways to create a warm glow, including investing in lights with dimmers.

A cluster of candles on the coffee table or a shelf provides soft light that’s perfect for socialising. Table lamps and floor lamps illuminate your living room from a variety of angles, while offering diffused light. The desired result with soft lighting is comfortable, warming and welcoming while maintaining practicality where needed.

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A Touch of the Outdoors

Imagine that feeling of coming in from a brisk walk outside in the cold, to be wrapped in the cosy, Hygge atmosphere of your living room. Bringing the outdoors in allows you to maintain this connection with nature and it’s integral to embracing Hygge as a mindset and a lifestyle choice.

One way to do this is with plenty of natural light and dedicated areas to highlight it, like a reading nook near a window, overlooking the garden. Decor might include vases with fresh flowers and wooden items. Most of all though, lush, indoor potted plants mean you’re never far from the crisp air and soothing greenery of the forest, amid the natural simplicity that induces Hygge.

Carmo sofa in camel velvet

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