How to Invite Hygge to Your Dining Room

Intimate conversations, good food, wine and loved ones around the dining table characterise Hygge at home. It’s about time spent together, sharing stories, laughter and fun times in comfort, while relaxing in a space filled with casual ambience and natural simplicity.

To combine family meals, dinner parties and romantic dining with the happiness of Hygge, here’s how to invite the concept into your dining room.

Dark oak dining table and dark oak dining chairs

Versatile Dining Tables

Hygge promotes a strong sense of ‘togetherness’, whether you’re enjoying a cosy dinner for two or a lively feast with a group of friends. Extendable tables, like Billund, are adaptable to your needs. Therefore, they allow you to set the mood depending on the number of guests or family members present at your gathering.

Your dining table is also a central focus of the room, making an immediate impression on guests. You’ll evoke the concept of Hygge with simple, clean lines for a modern, streamlined appearance. The Milano dining table offers this appeal, with a built-in extension leaf to accommodate a small family gathering of four people, to a vibrant party of twelve.

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Comfortable Seating Designs

‘Taking things slow’ is an element of Hygge that encourages long, leisurely meals that last all afternoon or late into the night. Social interaction is at the heart of Hygge-inspired dining. Comfortable seating designs ensure everyone can settle in and thoroughly enjoy sharing food and quality time together.

Wooden chairs bring a natural appeal, in warm, walnut or beech tones. Blending an organic look with upholstery is important for texture and comfort. The Aarhus dining chair does so with back support and a soft, leather seat. Leather upholstery, as seen with the high-backed Lausanne dining chair, also adds a classic look to your dining room that’s both elegant and modern.

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Hygge-Inspired Accessories

A Hygge dining room offers visual impact with accessories that highlight your personality, in an uncluttered manner. Consider a statement piece of wall art, small potted plants, textured bowls or wooden sculptures. Use them to dress your table or create an eye-catching centrepiece.

Alternatively, opt for a sideboard with handy storage options. The Sidney trolley provides both practicality and the ability to display dinnerware and personal treasures. To bring a sense of warmth, contrasting texture or a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral space, floor rugs are perfect Hygge-inspired accessories.

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Welcoming Lighting

The calm, cosy feeling that comes from gathering with friends and family is enhanced by warm, soft light. Floor and table lamps create areas of both shadow and light, adding contrast and immediate ambience. For intimate dinners, candles in glass holders increase the amount of light available, while flickering flames offer energy and warmth.

For an artistic feel that incorporates the Hygge concept, pendant lights are a striking feature to provide that comforting glow. The round shapes and multilayers of the Pine Cone lamp add a modern, nature-inspired feel, while the combination of wood and metal in the Handle Me pendant evokes Scandinavian minimalism at its best.

Hygge in the dining room is also encouraged by natural light. Make a feature of yours by placing your dining table by a window and lining the ledges with potted herb gardens. This way, daytime feasts blend seamlessly into good times at night, in the company of family, friends and a feeling of ultimate wellbeing.

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