A Miami holiday home

Miami Apartment
Miami Apartment
Miami Apartment
Miami Apartment
Miami Apartment

Gerardo and Keila Coronado live in Venezuela, but just bought a holiday get-away in Miami. The apartment is light and airy with a large balcony and a breathtaking view, and it's located nearby both the airport, the beach and down-town Miami. The couple knew BoConcept from their home town Caracas, and naturally turned to our Miami Interior Designer Michelle for help with decorating their new apartment. The result? A classic and elegant interior in perfect balance that compliments the couple's preferences, the architecture and the waterfront view.


“The help from an expert is very important in everything you do. Sometimes you have a preference, a hobby or simply an intuition that something might work. Even if you have a lot of knowledge, the help of a professional expert will always make the difference and make the most of time, money as well as the coordination in all that you are trying to do.”

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