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Adj Someone who is eager to visit new places and have new experiences.

Ceramics from a studio in Berlin. A book bought in JFK airport. That memento you found in the medina of Marrakech. If this is your storage match, you need a home for the things that remind you of life away.

For your senses to travel, even when staying put, you surround yourself with rich, spicy tones and the warmth of wood and plants. And like any well-planned itinerary, your storage need gaps for the unplanned.

Room to remember. Space to grow.

For Adventurous, we chose the Morten Georgsen designed Copenhagen wall system in walnut wood. The unit combines both open-front and concealed compartments. It’s part of a range that gives your space stylish floor-standing designs in sizes to fit your life.

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Styling advice

Black wall system

Like the best vacation destinations, the magic of this storage match lies in its contrast: the uniformity of the storage unit versus the impulsive nature of our styling.

Cross the lines

Like the best vacation destinations, the magic of this storage match lies in its contrast: the uniformity of the storage unit versus the impulsive nature of our styling.

Mix your woods

Wood is the go-to material for adding warmth to a space. In other storage matches, we’ve worked with a single type for a minimal look. Here, mixing the different woods of our chair, flooring and accessories; with plants and terracotta tones, intensifies the warmth and adds an organic feel.

Visual balance

How does our arrangement look random and yet harmonious? it’s all about visual balance. The idea is that one side of your bookcase visually-weighs the same as its opposite side. This isn’t about grams and kilos, but space and light. There’s no formula. Just remember to think of it as not just a shelf-to-shelf aesthetic but an overall balance.

5 off-the-beaten-track destinations

  • Lofoten, Norway
    Lonely Planet said, “The beauty of this place is simply staggering,” and we’d agree. Journey to northern Norway, way above the arctic circle, to the unspoilt landscapes, fjords, beaches and majestic mountains of the Lofoten Islands. Fish, surf, ski, hike, raft, and scuba dive. Then catch the Northern Lights or the midnight sun in these unspoilt islands jutting into the Norwegian Sea.
  • Essaouira, Morocco
    Most visitors to Morocco head to Marrakech for the bustle of the Medina and Djemaa el-Fnaa. However, for a more sedate alternative, head to Essaouira. The port and resort town on the Atlantic Ocean offers all of Morocco’s vibrant culture with the addition of superb beaches and a calmer mood. Surf or kitesurf in typical weather, or ride a camel and sunbathe on a less windy day. Take a sailing trip and then shop in the Medina for souvenirs, spices and freshly netted fish.
  • Anguilla, West Indies
    At just 16 miles long and three wide, you could be forgiven for not knowing the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla. But it’s never too late to make amends. The island, awarded the world’s leading luxury island destination in 2014, has lots to offer. Enjoy its endless sandy beaches peppered with top class boutique hotels, luxury resorts and villas. Your quiet island paradise awaits.
  • Osaka, Japan
    As the lively and more playful little brother to Japan’s Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka is about food, and lots of food. The slogan adopted by the locals is ‘kuidaore,’ which basically translates to ‘eat until you drop.’ Try its most famous street food, ‘takoyaki,’ a delicious mix of octopus, ginger and other herbs, fried in batter. Osaka also has Michelin-starred restaurants and everything in between. The energetic and buoyant nature of the locals is matched by the Osaka’s architecture: a robust cityscape bathed in bright neon.
  • Aarhus, Denmark
    We couldn’t compile this list without shining a little light on home. You’ve heard about Copenhagen, but plan your next city break in our second largest city, Aarhus. As you would expect from last year’s European City of Culture, Aarhus offers a wealth of museums, galleries and music venues, plus annual and pop-up cultural events. Food is also high on the city’s list of talents: Taste the world in the international Aarhus Street Food hall, or dine on fine Nordic or French cuisine in one of the city’s four Michelin-starred restaurants. Cycle to sandy beaches and thick forests – all just minutes away. Then get some retail therapy – from local boutiques in the Latin Quarter, to big labels in the city’s department stores, its 850m pedestrianised high street and Denmark’s largest shopping mall.