Gallery wall how to

Framed pictures

considerations and an easy step-by-step guide

Add a personal statement to your walls with your own creative gallery wall. A gallery wall is a versatile display that allows you show off your personality in a stylish, trendy presentation. And it’s perfect for small spaces and organisation, as it can infuse personality and provide depth without taking up any floor space —thereby minimising clutter.

Below we present you the key considerations when creating a gallery wall along with a step-by-step guide to create the perfect look on your wall.

Key considerations

The perfect gallery wall has an eclectic, personal feel to it. But the perfect display does not happen by itself. It takes careful planning and thoughts. Here we present you with some key considerations for putting together your gallery wall.


When selecting what to put on the wall, you’re free to use artwork and photography in different styles and sizes but consider how to create a collected feel. A great way to tie the art together is through colour. Also mix up sizes but consider your spacing. Small frames can be grouped together tight, while a larger picture needs more room to breathe.


Your gallery wall should be cohesive, but never boring. You’ll want to mix up styles and sizes to add visual interest. In a salon-style arrangement, work different materials, sizes and styles to keep it interesting and personal. Just remember to keep cohesiveness in mind.


The eclectic and dynamic nature of the gallery wall offers you a welcome versatility. It allows you to try small tweaks and change up the expression. Add or detract a key piece and create a new feel to the expression. But be careful to not go crazy and turn your wall into Swiss cheese. Instead, consider adding a shelf to make change-ups easy and harm free.

3 step guide


Visualise it

You’ve done the thinking, now it’s time to start acting. But hold the hammer. It’s a great idea to visualise the display on the floor first. When you lay out your art and photos, it’s a good idea to start in the middle with the largest piece and work your way from there. Move the art around, test the flow and keep experimenting. When you’ve find a look you think will work, it’s time to test out the placement on the wall.


Get it on the wall

Trace around your art on kraft paper and cut out the silhouette. On the paper, mark where the picture’s hanger is placed – you’ll benefit later. Using painters tape, hang each silhouette on the wall and you’ll have a visual representation of your display. Tweak the placements and if you find that it’s just not right, it’s back to the floor and step 1.


Hang it

You’ve experimented, rearranged and fine-tuned – now it’s time to hang the art on the wall. Put a nail through your markings and remove the kraft paper. The art can now easily be placed and adjusted with a level. You’re done for now, but remember to revisit and let the display evolve.

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