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Keep your Fabric Upholstery Looking Like New

Great, we’re so excited for you — you’ve found the perfect design for your new furniture.

Soft and sumptuous velvet — perfect on cold evenings to curl up on with a new book. Or, a creamy wool weave caught your eye with its light luxurious feel.

Now you’ve chosen the perfect fabric, how do you look after it? Caring for upholstery might seem intimidating. But in reality, it’s easy. We want your fabric to always look beautiful. Our simple but effective care tips will help you keep your designs bright and fresh for years to come.

General maintenance

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Give your designs the love they deserve and ensure that they are prepared for the strain of everyday use.


Get rid of damaging dust particles, by gently vacuuming your upholstery on a regular basis. Just remember to always use a soft brush nozzle as you don’t want to risk catching fabric threads.

No sunlight, no chemicals

Direct sunlight will fade your fabrics making them look dull and bland. Also, chemical products (like paint or nail polish remover) are firmly in the ‘must avoid’ category of care. They cause fading, discoloration and stains. Likewise, limit humidity levels as these cause a whole host of problems such as mould.


For extra care, apply BoConcept Fabric Protector. Some of our fabrics come pre-treated, making them resistant to stains. Cleaning regimens are therefore less frequent but unique to each fabric. In these instances, it’s important you avoid applying fabric protector.

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In case of accidents

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Accidents can happen. Be prepared and ensure that your beautiful furniture recovers without permanent damage.

Cushion love

It’s not unusual for some fabrics to develop creases and depressions, especially after transportation. Gently pat cushions back into shape and regularly stretch out materials to avoid swelling or bulging. And, remember to turn soft cushions often so they don’t become uneven. Products made with Polydown enjoy a more vigorous shake a few times a week, and dehumidification — especially if you use them a lot.

Spot clean

Accidents happen. But, if you spill a cup of coffee, resist the urge to put your fabric into the washing machine. Instead, dab the area with a dry clean cloth or blotting paper. Avoid adding too much pressure or smudging as this will cause the stain to penetrate through the fibres — making it far more difficult to remove. For tough spots, we recommend the BoConcept fabric cleaner.

Dry-clean only

You can dry-clean removable covers, but only in extreme cases. Mainly because dry-cleaning causes temporary shrinkage. If you do find yourself in this situation, just give your upholstery a quick stretch before you re-fit it.

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Care products

We want our furniture to make you feel good. So, every time you sit on a sofa or brush past a chair, you experience a positive emotion. By following our simple upholstery care tips, we hope you can enjoy your furniture for a lifetime.

We have a range of care products available for leather, wood and fabrics. By using these, you can confidently give your designs the love they deserve.

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Forever beautiful

Explore care guidance here and ensure that your furniture stays forever beautiful.


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