How to get the best seat in the house

Dark brown Porto armchair

The personalized comfort of a recliner sofa or chair quickly will make it a favourite in the home. With added functionality and many design options, here are a few tips to pick your right design.

Make it fit you and your home

You’re unique and you deserve furniture that fits your body, your style and your purpose. If it is a recliner chair, consider whether a swivel function to make it easy to turn is needed. Consider if the sofa will stand against the wall or freely in the room and ensure that it looks good no matter what. Tall or short? Make sure that the design fits your body type and that you benefit from the neck, lumbar and leg support.

Visit the store

Visit the store, try it, recline it and see if you can find your individual comfort epitome. Be thorough and once you have zeroed in on the design, have the staff help you in picking the fabric or leather to make the design fit your home and your lifestyle. And if you need an expert in your home, why not have an interior designer come visit you?

Remember its different purposes

A recliner sofa or chair should be your go-to place to for cuddling up with a book, for watching a movie, relaxing or even taking a nap. When trying out the designs remember all its purposes and sit, slouch, recline and try it in all the ways you would use it in your home. Get in and out of the designs and make sure that they are easy to use over and over again.

Sunnie, Interior Designer

The Lucca recliner chair is one of my favourite designs this year. It has a real mid-century modern feel about it, especially with the veneer side panels.

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Designer Anders Nørgaard found his inspiration to the Lucca recliner chair in music. Like the dynamic and personal nature of music, Lucca can be composed to fit your personal taste.

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A private escape. Striking beauty, hugging shapes and a seating comfort out of this world – that is the essence of the Athena recliner chair. Inviting you in with its soft flowing lines and feminine appearance, this modern recliner chair is dressed to impress.

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Functionality all around

Having furniture that adapts to the situation is not only about comfort. A coffee table where the table top can be raised for a meal in front of the TV, dining tables that seamlessly extend when friends are coming over and different furniture with integrated storage make life easier and more flexible.

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A conversation with Frans Schrofer

Frans Schrofer, the designer behind the recliner Athena, is known to design “contemporary furniture with a twist.” We have spoken with Frans about his creative approach, his love of cars and his working relationship with his wife Sonia.

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