You’re packed up and ready for a fresh start in a new home. Moving is an exciting time, but it's certainly not without its challenges. What should you keep and what needs to go? What type of design do you want to create? Most importantly though, how can you imbue your personality into the space, so it feels like home?

Here’s how to let your style shine through with interior design.

1. Organise your design goals

Before you start unpacking those boxes and attempting to work with chaos, come up with a plan to ensure a smooth journey. One of the best ways to do this is with a mood board, to pull a design together before you start. Gather fabric swatches, photos, paint samples and inspirational ideas.

This way, the overall vision for your design will emerge and you’ll save yourself a lot of time going back and forth with indecision. If you need some help, there’s nothing like a professional opinion to move confidently forward with your ideas. With your goals set, you can jump into the fun part of decorating to suit your style.

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2. Create with a mood in mind

What type of mood do you want to enhance in your home? The foundations of your design, like wall paint, window treatments, flooring and statement furniture pieces, go a long way towards setting up the overall atmosphere. Consider colour palettes in terms of how you’d like each room to feel.

Then, determine whether or not you need to introduce more warmth, or cool things down, depending on the natural light available. For example, choose blues and greens for a light, refreshing sense of relaxation. Introduce black, grey and metallic pops for a modern luxe look. Remember that you’re working with a blank canvas, so don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity in any way that speaks to you.

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3. Accessorize for ambience

You want to get back to basking in the comfortable feeling that comes from a cosy, inviting home. Soft lighting offers instant ambience, so focus on achieving diffused light from lamps, candles, pendant lights or chandeliers. To wrap yourself in that snug feeling, introduce plush fabrics and textures with cushions, throws and rugs.

Artwork that’s special to you is perfect to use as a focal point to highlight your personality. For harmonious flow, create zones throughout the home for reading, working, relaxing or socialising in ways that sing to you and provide optimised practicality.

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4. Bring the outdoors in

To help your new home spring to life, simply invite nature inside. Plants add instant vibrancy and dimension, not to mention the proven health benefits of air-cleansing properties. Brighten up your surfaces with fresh flowers and play with textures like natural wood to welcome the outdoors to your design.

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5. Keep a sense of history

A brand new home is a perfect excuse for brand new decor. However, there’s nothing like sprinkling a sense of history into the design. Tell your story with imaginative photo galleries and charming vignettes displaying cherished ornaments. Just remember that you want the freedom of clearing out clutter, so only bring the best of your old home to the new.

If things get a little stressful in the process, set up a chat in-store with our experienced designers. We’ll soothe your stress and put you on the right path with free styling advice. No matter how small or large your project is, we’ll also work with your budget to ensure your personality shines in your new home.

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Interior design service when moving

We hope the above tips have helped you in the interior design process and has helped smooth your move. But nothing beats a personal talk, where we can really understand your needs, and provide tailored, personal guidance. Come visit us in our store for a casual talk and make sure your new home will be the perfect home for you.

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