What To Do At Home On A Rainy Day

by Tommy Wee

As time passes, I get more accustomed to the idea of staying at home. I attribute this comforting discovery to an increasing appreciation for space and solace.

The idea of heading out to brunch at the buzziest café in town is still nice, but waning fast in its economy. The scorching weather, and the sheer amount of traffic and hungry diners between you and – finally – breakfast, can take its toll.

And when it rains and everything becomes cold and wet outside, well, the peace of staying home goes up a notch. It becomes a wordless, exciting joy.

You feel vindicated for wanting to stay home in the first place. The temperature drops. The light coming into the house takes on a muted, cool veneer. It’s a small miracle, and one to be grateful for.

But time at home need not be wasted channel-surfing – unless it’s a great episode of The Walking Dead, of course – there’re other fulfilling things to be done. 

Catch Up On Reading

No, I don’t mean scrolling Facebook or Instagram. It’s time to get reacquainted with that Amazon list we neglect the moment we’ve unpacked them. Rainy afternoons are the best time to brew a hot cup of Joe’s, stretch out on the couch, and cuddle up with a good tome. It’s nourishment for the soul.

Organise Things

What may sound like a chore at first can turn into something unexpectedly satisfying. Whether it’s your shoe cabinet, the wardrobe or even the kitchen shelves, a couple of hours spent re-organising stuff can be a rewarding experience. Throw out stuff you don’t need, pack some away for donation, and gain space. No one needs to keep clutter, right?

Make Dessert

What better use of time at home is there than to turn up some easy-to-make, guilty pleasure recipes? Rope the partner or the kids into this little project. There’s no greater sense of fun than to prepare chocolate cookies, banana shortcakes or pistachio muffins. After several rainy afternoons, you’ll have your own D-I-Y recipe book. Rain or shine, there’s always room for dessert.

Call Loved Ones

When was the last time you made a deep, meaningful phone call? Yes, a phone call. We live in an age of ceaseless texts and group chats, but making a call (or Facetime session), and catching up with someone you’ve missed for a while is a connection that can’t be beat. Make it your Dad, sister who’s overseas, or an ex-classmate. Stretch out on the bed, or couch, and just catch up.