5 Ways BoConcept Personalises the Shopping Experience

By Tommy Wee on 26 June 2015

When I bought my place late last year and started on renovations, I thought the arduous, soul-draining project would be over as soon as my contractor handed over the keys. That could not be further from the truth.

Like typical renovation jobs, we were at the mercy of multiple schedules, administrative procedures, and material prep work. After months of feet-dragging work, the contractor delivered my home. As he handed over the keys, I felt a sobering wave of relief as I opened the door and walked into a house… that was as empty as a drum.

Furniture. The things that make a house a home. A new set of challenges. The very items that turn sitting, dining and couching at home every weekend into pure bliss. Putting together a coherent design was not going to be easy. It’s like putting on an outfit you’re going to wear for a long, long time.

Where do I begin? I knew my home was Nordic inspired. But it wasn’t fussy. I needed it to be woody and warm, but not in a country house kind of way. What are my inclinations? What’s my “type” of furniture? How do I put everything together without pulling out my hair? I could hire a decorator but that would be a cop-out. Why outsource taste?

I was lucky enough to have discovered BoConcept last year. I nosed around its well-appointed flagship store in Paragon and fell in love with its unaffectedly cool and minimalist Danish aesthetics. BoConcept furniture is the equivalent of the smart kid at school – always able to ace the exams without trying too hard.

Seeing lots of top quality metal and woodwork in its pieces just convinced me of my choice. Every BoConcept piece I’ve ever seen has a clean, confident style, cushioned by a timeless cool.

Here’s why furniture shopping at BoConcept is an enjoyably pleasurable experience.

1)      Great Shopper Engagement And Personalisation

When you meet Cheryl – BoConcept’s bubbly personal shopper and ID consultant – for the first time, you’ll be amazed by her wealth of ideas and amazing attention to curation. She is polite, spritely, and listens intently to our vision of a dream home. She poses thoughtful questions about our lifestyle, our dining and resting habits, and even our preference for colours that put us in good moods. Who knew all this mattered?

After sharing my floorplan, Cheryl was able to weave all the different elements of what we liked into a sensible, welcoming design. It helped that she was pretty handy with the visualisation software that helped create ID mock-ups for review.

Superb Store Experience

The BoConcept flagship store at Paragon is an inspiring, high-design space of well-crafted furniture. Exciting design ideas are displayed neatly. It is a great atmosphere to shop in. The in-store soundtrack is well-curated, and pegged at a volume that’s complementary to the thinking process. With its spacious layout and discerning style, the showroom becomes a gallery of cool possibilities.

3)      Proactive About Design

Like the brand they represent, everyone in BoConcept demonstrates a positive sensitivity to design and good taste. They’re able to discard the cookie-cutter solutions and communicate effectively to derive a personalised solution. I enjoyed how considerations were given to my adjectives in describing the home, and I remember sitting while Cheryl took me through swatches of fabrics patiently. When it comes to an investment like a home, the process was necessary for enduring results, and the staff understood this.

4)      Quick Resolutions

When it comes to furnishings, the unspoken fear of any homeowner is to be left stranded with delivery issues, and no one accountable for it. Everyone at BoConcept seems trained for problem ownership. They’re quick to expedite customer enquiries, and, if they’re not certain of the answers, they are resourceful in activating someone who does. For example, if you can’t be home to receive the furniture on the appointed dates, they’re quick to rejig the timings to suit your convenience.

5)      Service, service, service

I’m a fan of how the BoConcept team makes the customer feel special. The salespeople are patient and knowledgeable, and no question is too trivial or absurd for them. Whether I was asking detailed questions about interior décor or logistics solving, the attitude was nothing less than helpful and accommodating. Most times, a genuine level of care is just what the customer needs.