BoConcept X Tommy Wee

Small, Private Spaces

Magazine editor and content producer Tommy Wee is a fan of minimalist behaviours. It goes a long way to explain why he’s such an admirer of BoConcept’s designs. The Danish brand embodies easy and functional elegance, without ever looking out of place. It’s a trait which Tommy tries to impart in his work, whether it’s lifestyle magazines, digital content or marketing strategies.

The Home

Having purchased a pre-war walk-up apartment in the conservation area of Tiong Bahru, Singapore, recently. The house was occupied for almost 50 years, but it was immaculately well-kept. Lots of love went into keeping the place clean and homely. Tommy fell in love with the place as he had fond memories of visiting the market nearby while growing up a stone’s throw away in Chinatown.

Tommy and his wife, Evelyn, took the early part of the year watching over renovation activities. It was a heartfelt journey.

There was much to do to restore the house’s original wet works. Power cables had to be relined, and walls tumbled to make room for a larger living space. The kitchen and bath areas had to be waterproofed so that the old floors wouldn’t leak. The emotional goal was to create a home that felt generous yet intimate, modern yet warm.

To anchor the design process, Tommy and Evelyn envisioned a space they could rejuvenate after work, day after day. A spacious resting area was important, but so was the materials used in the furniture inside the home. They had to be warm, welcoming and easy on the eye, for many years to come.

The BoConcept Interior Decorator

When the couple met Cheryl, BoConcept’s interior decorator at the Paragon store in Orchard Road, they were greeted with a helpful flow of ideas and suggestions on the best ways to utilise the space. It wasn’t long before the couple was overwhelmed with the sheer number of decisions to be made. Thank goodness for an in-house stylist!

Drawings were done in 3D to project the colours and textures. The dimensions of the furniture, as well as the overall sense of the space, were determined through swatches and careful measurements. It was an insightful time for the couple, who relished every decision taken to shape their first home.

Emails were exchanged, calls were made. There were many, many text messages. But the patient team at BoConcept literally and metaphorically delivered the goods.

The key piece in the home has to be the BoConcept Carlton Sofa. Both spend a lot of time with their favourite shows on telly, and the couch was perfect for power naps – something Tommy expertly indulges in. The couple also love their pretty Adelaide Chairs for the study. They offered a bright burst of mustard in the living room.

Tommy fell in love with the BoConcept side table, a sleek piece that was immensely useful as well as functional, when placed next to the window. All through the design process, the couple was thankful for agreeing almost 100 per cent of the time. They had imagined bickering over choice pieces and textures for the home, but those fears were thankfully unfounded. They only wished the home was bigger to accommodate more BoConcept pieces!

The Dining Area and Bedroom

The Ottawa dining chairs are another highlight in the home. Both Tommy and Evelyn were thrilled when they saw it in the store. And this was before realising that they were the groundbreaking work of design extraordinaire Karim Rashid. The dining chairs were the perfect compliment to the timelessly stylish Milano extendable table.

The BoConcept bed was another rewarding piece of design genius. The storage underneath the mattress was accessed by simply lifting the platform, and that was where the winter wear went! The bed was perfect for two people who loved deep, nourishing sleep. All in all, these were beautiful pieces which came together for a uniquely stylish space. 

Get the items as seen in Tommy and Evelyn's home: 

Carlton Sofa
Chiva functional coffee table with storage
- Adelaide chairs
- Ottawa chairs
- Milano extendable dining table
- Lugano bed
- Bended candlesticks