Urban Rigger

Copenhagen, Denmark | 2019

All over the world cities lack housing opportunities, especially student housing. Copenhagen is no exception to the global mega trend of urbanization.

Combining the need for affordable housing with the wish to make use of former industrial harbor areas, the idea of constructing floating villages was designed in 2013 by URBAN RIGGER® and a team of architects from the BIG group. In 2017 the project was nominated as a finalist for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Awards.

URBAN RIGGER® was looking for a solution for the interior design that could be compatible with the original idea and brand. Other brands were considered, but due to the unique design and philosophy of URBAN RIGGER®, we required a solution which involved a close cooperation with a designer. When we approached BoConcept we could feel their commitment and passion for their design and work, which is also very close to how we at URBAN RIGGER® feel for our product.

From a community point of view, we like for instance the choice of fabric used on the sofas in the common areas. The fabric is made from 100% REPREVE®, a brand of recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles. The design and choices of furniture were made by BoConcept, their experience in furniture and interior design are much better than ours, so we had a simple task of just saying yes.

The community is an important part of living on an URBAN RIGGER®. Recent research shows that participating in any kind of community remarkably reduces climate imprint and encourages the green transition. In other words: It takes a village to change individual behaviour.

By design URBAN RIGGER® facilitate and encourage a sustainable lifestyle focusing on sharing, participating and taking responsibility for community and environment. BoConcept thoughts and ideas on smart living not small living fits very much into our communities onboard the Riggers. Peter Mayntzhusen – COO, URBAN RIGGER® | Architect Bjarke Ingles | Design Team BoConcept | Project Partners BoConcept Copenhagen | Property Owner / Client URBAN RIGGER®

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