A Marriage Made in Heaven: 

BoConcept x Lars Wallin

Lars Wallin collaborates with BoConcept to refine a stylish bridal suite at SAS Radisson Stockholm. Christian Boström, BoConcept's Global B2B Partner Director, emphasizes the essential contribution of creative partnerships in crafting this distinctive space.

Brand Story by Sisse Bro | Herning, Denmark | 23.02.23

The Challenge

When international hotel chain, Radisson Blu, offered Lars Wallin the opportunity to refurbish their bridal suite in Gothenburg, Sweden, the renowned fashion designer asked our team of expert interior stylists to help.

Focused on creating a luxurious atmosphere that meets the needs of every bride-to-be, the result is an elegant bridal suite that is effortlessly glamorous yet makes you feel at home.

Discover the inspiration behind the bridal suite and why Lars's demand for quality and craftsmanship made us the perfect collaborator.

Honeymooners are in for a treat as Stockholm-based dream maker and Haute couture specialist, Lars Wallin, brings his famously feminine and festive touch to a luxury suite at the Swedish capital's SAS Radisson

If anyone can be said to know about the wishes and dreams of brides-to-be, surely it's those behind the creation of that mythical matrimonial object, the wedding dress. For more than 30 years, one of Sweden’s most famous fashion designers, Lars Wallin, has created dresses for women about to live, what is for many, the ultimate romantic experience. And with his design for a recently finished bridal suite at Gothenburg's SAS Radisson, Wallin has demonstrated not only his haute couture finesse in realising dreams of glamour and romance, but also an ability to seamlessly transfer his creative talents from the boutique to the bedroom.

A common focus

Walking into the suite, one immediately senses the designer's strong affection for textiles and textures – fabric, of course, being something that Wallin lays his hands on in his fashion work on a daily basis. On a natural palette of beige and grey, vivid silver and gold stand out, shiny and glittering, on curtains, cushions, lamps and accessories, creating an atmosphere that is both warm and luxurious. Classic fabrics and wallpapers bring notes of the Swedish Gustavian style and are mixed with sculptural contemporary furniture and lighting – all elegantly brought together by Wallin.

‘Craftsmanship is what’s most important to me. When I found BoConcept, I felt that they had the same expression as me. They had timelessness and they focused on the craft’

One of the key pieces of furniture in the suite is the white Bergamo sofa which first ignited the collaboration between Wallin and BoConcept on this project. ‘As soon as I saw this sofa, I felt “this is it”, this is the wedding sofa for my suite’, Wallin explains. A common focus and a set of values in terms of design and creation defined the partnership: ‘Craftsmanship is what’s most important to me. When I found BoConcept, I felt that they had the same expression as me. They had timelessness and they focused on the craft. Their products are just as beautiful from every angle, but also they are not afraid to go the extra mile, which delivers an experience and something aesthetically luxurious that I really liked.’

‘Since 2022, our Global Contract Division has been on an evolving journey, creating extraordinary spaces focusing on being a value adding, solutions-oriented partner for the A&D Community’

The bridal suite stands out as an example of how to merge made-to-measure design pieces and premium retail lifestyle furniture in an exclusive and dreamlike setting. ‘One of the many highlights of this project has been that Lars liked some of our classic furniture so much that he chose those’, Lobendahl says. ‘Here I am thinking of the Imola armchair, the Vienna chair and the Bergamo sofa. And then, of course, to see the end result of the suite which has turned out magically well because we really see Lars' vision come to life.’

Inspired visions coming to life

Mimmi Lobendahl, CEO of BoConcept Stockholm, worked together with Wallin and supported him in finding the right pieces of furniture suitable for the suite. ‘We started out the process by looking at fabrics for the Bergamo sofa where details such as how the white wedding dress would look against the fabric became important factors to consider. Then we continued with the selection of furniture and fabrics, all of which would go well with Lars' own design of cushions, wallpaper, crockery and furniture. Lars has an incredibly good eye for design and details, so we are very happy to have been part of this project.’

A value-adding, solutions-oriented partner

BoConcept’s Global B2B Partner Director, Christian Boström, also underlines the importance of being able to realise creative partnerships like this one: ‘The bridal suite is a project which enriches our project portfolio for the hospitality sector; the suggestive atmosphere and the beautifully curated furniture and material selection express a romantic dream interior. Since 2022, our global contract division has been on an evolving journey, creating extraordinary spaces focusing on being a value-adding, solutions-oriented partner for the A&D community.’ With its haute couture interior, the bridal suite is intended to make the visitor feel as comfortable and special as possible while indulging in the special and glamorous occasion that a wedding is. ‘It should feel like home but with something extra, like the bubbles in the champagne, that is the feeling I want to create with this suite,’ Wallin concludes.

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