The Challenge

Beans is a growing Hong Kong restaurant chain. Each of its current five outlets is unique and built around a different interior design theme. For their latest project, “The Greenhouse,” the Beans team wanted their outdoor space to delight and entice customers, while delivering a Nordic-inspired dining experience. Looks aside, the solution had to be durable – able to withstand HK weather and the hordes of satisfied customers the space would attract.

The Solution

The BoConcept interior design team created a design built around the sleek and organic lines of the Adelaide outdoor collection. The pairing of white and natural Eucalyptus wood brings the Nordic inspiration to life. While our ability to perfectly match finishes across products, creates a seamless and thus pleasing aesthetic. The Beans team adore this design and the function of the furniture. Although housing up to thirty diners, the space is comfortable and feels spacious – achieved through its well-considered palette and mix of long and small tables. BoConcept structured tealight holders add a finishing touch of ‘hygge’. The Scandi expression makes it memorable to Beans’ customers, as well as enriching the concept of outdoor dining for locals and tourists alike.

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