Job Title职位名称:VM Manager Trainee

Company所属公司:Boconcept China

Name在职者VM Manager Trainee


Reporting to汇报至VM Manager 

Location 地点SH-Office 

Mission 任务

配合VM Manager完成新店开店设计及实施,维护全国店铺的陈列形象。

Cooperate with VM Manager to complete the design and implementation for new retail stores, maintain the store visual merchandiser in the country.

Main Responsibilities 主要职责

  1. 实施全国店铺家具展场陈列工作,包括家具搭配和饰品摆放。

The implementation of the national furniture exhibition display, including furniture display and decorations.

  1. 新开店的设计以及店铺日常形象维护

Responsible for new retail store’s design and maintain its daily appearance.

  1. 协调部门经理根据每个阶段的发展趋势实际调整店面形象。

Coordinating department manager to adjust the store image according to each phase of the development trend.

  1. 翻译VM培训资料

Translation of VM training material from English to Chinese.

5.    与其他部门衔接相关工作内容。

To coordinate with other departments.

Experience/Education Required  任职资格

  1. 年龄:25-35

Age between 25 to 35.

  1. 大专以上学历,室内设计、环境艺术设计、视觉艺术等相关专业。

College education above,design education,interior design is preferred.

  1. 一年以上设计或卖场陈列设计经验者优先。

One year above working experience in Retail Visual Merchandising, furniture / interior design industry. Retail experience is a plus.

  1. 强烈的视觉/色彩感

Strong visual/color sense

  1. 了解CAD, Photoshop, 3D等设计软件,但不是必须要求。

Know CAD, Photoshop, 3D Software,but not a must.

  1. 具备潜在的领导能力

Potential leadership quality.

  1. 会基础英文

Basic English level

  1. 需要出差

Business trip is required

  1. 有很强的团队合作意识

Highly motivated, with a strong sense of teamwork

Personal Characteristics个人特性

  1. 热爱生活,性格开朗

Have cheerful personality

  1. 善于沟通交流

Strong interpersonal & communication skills

  1. 工作积极主动,责任心强

Proactive with strong sense of responsibility

Career Development

  1. 培养成为陈列经理储备

Trained to be VM Manager Successor

  1. 接触国内外旅行

National & international travels

  1. 座谈会