White Kingston dining table and light grey Princeton dining chairs
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Contemporary Danish furniture brand, BoConcept proudly launches new organically shaped dining designs by iF Design Award juror, Morten Georgsen.


Product: Princeton dining chair, Kingston dining table

Designer: Morten Georgsen

Key features: Organic forms, incorporated butterfly extension leaf, multiple tabletop surface options, 120+ fabrics and leathers; on-trend slim pipework chair legs.

Availability: Instore and online by 1 September 2020


Soft, welcoming and feminine

Princeton and Kingston feature soft curves that evoke a welcoming sensibility.The effect is accentuated with the removal of hard edges. While all legs receive a delicate matt finish – with Princeton’s legs arriving gently tapered. All details combine to create designs that are light, accessible and never imposing.

In Kingston, Morten strikes a balance between lightness and curvatious visual comfort that has a subtly feminine expression. The elegant backrest invites, drawing the eye down to its comfortable seat. Once seated, the design creates a cocooning effect without hindering interaction.

Trend: Home at the Centre

This design direction is rooted in the consumer’s higher value of home – a sentiment more pertinent in current unprecedented times. More than simply a place for rest, relaxation and entertainment, the home is now central to life, identity, self-improvement and -care. This desire for indulgence and sanctuary creates a demand for soft, cocooning forms, high-comfort materials and organic curves.

Butterfly extension tabletop

Princeton comes in two lengths: 160cm and 200cm. Both arrive with the brand’s popular butterfly extention leaf function, adding space for an extra four diners. Engaging the 70cm leaf literally takes seconds, needs only one operator and is completed in three close to effortless motions. And users need not worry about storing the leaf, as it is concealed within the tabletop.

Customisable Danish design

In keeping with the brand’s customisation design ethos, Kingston and Princeton offer a range of looks for all tastes and homes.The tabletop can be order in white, walnut or dark oak. Both designs arrive with two leg colour options, and Kingston can be upholstered from the brand’s full 120+ fabrics and leathers.

About the designer

Morten Georgsen is a Danish furniture designer, based in Valencia, Spain. The award-winning designer, and once iF Design Award juror, is BoConcept’s longest-running design partner, penning bestsellers for the brand since 1993. His portfolio includes the iconic Milano table, the ever-cool Como, Copenhagen and Bordeaux storage collections and the London bench.

“Simplicity and functionality are BoConcept core values. It’s often believed that functional design is created at the expense of beauty. Why, when you can have both? When you combine pleasing proportions with beautiful colours, materials and craftsmanship, you create a design that evokes a good feeling,” says Morten Georgsen.

Dimensions (HxWxD):

Kingston: 74.5x160(230)x100cm /  74.5x197(267)x100cm

Princeton: 76.5x47x55.5cm


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