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    Our gallery collection offers everything from real abstract paintings to elegant glass art and humorous illustrations. Discover all the creations and be sure to find something that speaks to you.
  • Paintings

    Discover uniquely, handpainted pieces of art from our wide collection of original paintings. Created by the most talented painters, these abstract pieces invites you to make your own impression and find your favourite piece.
  • Photo & glass art

    Amazing pieces of photo and glass art invites you into a world of beautiful scenery or cool, graphic and industrial looks. See the wide collection here.
  • Lithograph prints

    Enjoy the elegant, light expression of these lithograph prints on your wall. They perfectly complement the cool greys and delicate pastels of home interiors right now.
  • Canvas prints

    Unique, abstract patterns, statements and photos are printed onto canvas turning them into strong statement pieces on your wall. There are many different motifs to choose from our collection.