Business løsninger fra BoConcept

De ønsket en unik og tidløs løsning - flotte omgivelser i være i, som feirer kreativitet og forfremmende samarbeid.
A warm and welcoming office at the Grupo Visabeira headquarter.
An office that fits the brand image of Davivienda bank.
The BoConcept collection fits both the lounge, restaurant and office at Jyske Bank Boxen.
A high-end club that wants to give their guest a luxury feeling.
Hotel Cosmos Insignia was in search for a interior solution that fits the concept of the hotel.
The interior creates a beautiful symbiosis with the architectural design.
An interior solutions that brings fits perfectly together with the theme of the house.
A warm and light waiting area at the doctor practise Rheinpraxen.
Fleksibel levering og montering
5 års reklamsjonsrett på møbler
Multifunksjonelt design