Data policy

Personal information

When you sign up for our Newsletter, we keep your personal information in a database, which is used exclusively to provide you with exciting news from BoConcept. You can cancel your Newsletter subscription whenever you want, and all information will automatically be deleted right away.

Visitor information

BoConcept retrieves statistical information about visitors on the site on an ongoing basis. It is, however, not possible to recognise individuals based on this information.

When you surf the Internet, you leave an 'electronic trace', telling which sites you have visited

When you have visited, we will know the following about you:

  • Which pages you have visited and when 
  • Which browser you use 
  • Which ip address you have 

What is the information for?

We use the technical information to find out how our visitors navigate to find information on our site. We can e.g. see if you start on the homepage and move from there, or if you get help from a search engine and then start on a different page.

Information access

Only the responsible webmasters at BoConcept have access to the data mentioned above, meaning that the data never will be passed on to a third party.