Stock exchange announcements 2008

Last updated 12-05-2009
25/11/2008 2008/2009 Half-year financial result
25/11/2008 Centralising production activity
05/11/2008 Acquisition of treasury shares
10/10/2008 Insiders' tradings
29/08/2008 Business conducted at annual general
28/08/2008 First quarter announcement 2008/2009
11/08/2008 Annual general meeting
11/08/2008 Insiders' tradings
30/06/2008 Announcement for financial results 2007/2008
16/04/2008 Major shareholder announcement
27/03/2008 Major shareholder announcement
13/03/2008 Insiders' tradings
07/03/2008 Insiders' tradings
06/03/2008 Insiders' tradings
05/03/2008 Quarterly report 3 - 2007/2008
07/02/2008 Financial calendar
28/01/2008 Property sale


Share distribution
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