The Milano Dining Table

By Tommy Wee on 09 June 2015

Before kitchen islands became ubiquitous and showy centerpieces of modern homes, an underrated piece of furniture – the dining table at home – was where all the socialising took place. It was the place where fond memories were made.   

I remember spending a significant amount of time at the dining table - doing my homework, mugging for exams, and blowing out candles on birthday cakes. Before smartphones deconstructed family time into group chats, the dining table was a place for everyone to reset the day with some meaningful face-to-face interaction. It was where we talked, laughed and gossiped about random affairs. Back then; the dining table was a sanctuary, not a showplace.

But the times change, as do the way people live. While dining tables these days double up as storage spaces and utilitarian work desks, the traditional warmth of this piece cannot be ignored. There’s much to be accomplished here.

I love the BoConcept Milano Extendable Dining Table for its simple ingenuity. Not only is it beautiful from every angle, and it feels as though it's crafted with a surprise. Its slim legs and profile offer a sophistication that extends beyond the kitchen. Expecting a couple more guests? All you have to do is pull one end of the table out, fold over the supplementary extension leave in the centre, and voila, you’re good for two extra dinner settings. If two's company, then extras bring the party.

It’s also a low-maintenance table that’s easy to care for. Just use a clean, damp cloth with a mild cleaner to wipe it over.

Available in oak veneer or matte white and made with a medium density fibreboard, the Milano Dining Table is emblematic of clean design that leverages everyday functionality. Whether it's taxes, baking prep or just relaxing over a glass of wine, it's an embodiment of comfort and style. It sits well in almost any design theme, and it lets you can stow six chairs easily.

These days, the tasks I perform on the dining table have changed. I'm filing taxes, working and enjoying the fruits of amateur baking on the Milano Dining Table. The tasks have changed, but the sociable nature of this well-loved piece of furniture hasn't.