The Adelaide Chair

by Tommy Wee on Aug 2015

When I first laid eyes on BoConcept’s Adelaide Chair, my reaction was one of physical curiosity. Why, and how, did this chair, appear so simplistic yet appealing?

The balanced and well-formed object would not be out of place in a contemporary design museum, a stylish café, or an urban hotel.

Its discreetly sexy form and luxurious upholstery is sophisticated yet sensible. I ran my palm down its minimal wooden legs, feeling more drawn to it with each second. It’s almost begging for your derrière to rest on it.

The brainchild of Henrik Pedersen, who graduated as a fashion designer in 1990 but has since applied his intuitive skills to forward-thinking furnishings, the Adelaide Chair concept has all the hallmarks of a classic – it’s enduringly elegant, well-made, and comfortable.

One of the greatest perks of the Adelaide Chair? Unlike most chairs from traditionalists, it’s not above personalisation. You can mix and match different seats with various colours, fabrics and legs to create something that sings of your preference.

There are a plethora of options – from loungey outdoor chairs to barstools with gas cartridges, to office chairs with swivel function – to satisfy every style.

All the elements about the Adelaide Chair leverage on refined communal aesthetics, so whether you’re making statements as an art ingénue, a proud homemaker, or a power corporate player, there are more than enough ways and settings to love this piece.

As someone who constantly works at the desk, I need a chair design that reinforces the correct sitting position. I’m thus happy to report, that after prolonged sits in the Adelaide Chair agonising over and sub-editing copywriting and editorial stories, back pain is not one of my nagging problems.

For a design that looks so refreshingly simple, the lumbar and pelvic support is impressive. The high back reminds me to sit straight so the spine remains aligned.

The only challenge with so many possibilities? To eventually decide on one custom design for the home, out of the myriad of desirable possibilities.