5 Clever Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

As new apartments get smaller, home owners are increasingly challenged to make the most of the space while building their dream living spaces. Gone are the days when you could leave a vintage sewing machine and neglected treadmill in the living room and still have space for a dinner party.

But all is not lost. With a little planning and some imagination, you can deploy these five ways to create the illusion of more space at home.

Choose Black & White

A stylish, monochromatic scheme in the home is easy on and eye and allows a restful, laid-back ambience the moment you step through the door. Imagine how white washed walls create more space, while dark and contrasting walls break the line of sight. Black and white schemes are safe and relatively easy to decorate with, as pops of colour are easily accentuated for effect. That way, you can easily bring your favourite plants and paintings into the home for the best results.

Design Vertical

Another way to create space would be to look above our heads. Room and pockets of space above doors and cabinets are the best places to start for adding valuable real estate in the home. Extend the book shelf to the ceiling, create hidden storage in the false ceiling, or install beautiful hooks to hang that single-gear bicycle or HD TV. More often than not, the answers to maximizing the space is right before your eyes.

Hang Mirrors

Large mirrors are able to reflect light, and create the illusion of twice the depth in a room. They open up the space to highlight interesting details on the facing walls, and are interesting talking points for awkward corners that usually go to waste. Hang the mirrors at an interesting angle – 45-degree down-facing from the ceiling, for example – to create a special perspective for the guests sitting in the living room.

Conceal & Declutter

It goes a long way when you are able to hide all the loose objects in a living space. Imagine all the paperwork in a study or living room neatly packed into beautiful lidded boxes, or tucked away in hidden storage. Use visual treatments like room dividers or curtains to conceal. Be prepared to let go of belongings you no longer use or need. You’ll be surprised how many items you can get rid of if you make up your mind to avoid hoarding.

Pick The Right Furniture

Large, heavy pieces of furniture accentuate how cramped small spaces can be. Solid pieces of furniture, heavy shelves and skirted sofas add plenty of visual weight to small apartments. Avoid these. Go instead for sofas or beds with raised legs, as these increase the amount of visible floor space.