5 Affordable Ways To Refresh A Tired Space

by Tommy Wee

No matter how impressive or well thought out your home or office interiors are, design fatigue sets in well before the cushions on the couch starts to fray. And being the visual creatures we are, it’s only a matter of time before our hearts seek what the eye wants – some cheerful rejuvenation.

But rejuvenation doesn’t have to translate into a costly, time-consuming project. Neither do you have to break the bank to move some furniture around to create new points of interest. It’s all about the aesthetics.

Here, we talk about five cost-effective ways to jazz up your favourite areas in the home or office.

1) Edit Your Accessories

Something as simple as changing up the cushions on your sofa can turn the activity of channel surfing new again. Whether you’re opting for cushions in floral or sophisticated prints, they are highly comforting accessories, and great for offering pops of colour in a monochromatic space. Getting a simple throw to add a new layer to the sofa will also renew the sense of relaxation.

2) Introduce New Art

Something relatively easy to do: Hang art. Take some time to settle on works that you love. Then display them on large walls in your favourite areas in the home or office. Put your favourite family photos into an assortment of frames and display them next to these pieces for contrast. Make sure the arrangement of art and photos is stylish and appealing. Paint over affordable frame mouldings from the store for a textured, paneled effect.

3) Create Layers With Clever Lighting

Sometimes, a statement lamp is all it takes to turn a drab study or living room into a lively, cosy or romantic area. Installing a modern chandelier, or floor lamp, adds a fresh perspective while giving you the opportunity to reconfigure the space. The use of warm, overhead track lighting also recreates the intimate sense of being in an art gallery.

4) Control The Clutter

Use a rustic, wooden tray with spacious compartments to hold the remotes for the TV, sound system and air-conditioner. By clearing the space on your coffee table, you’re creating an inviting space for coffee and cocktails. Make use of candle and tea-light holders to prettify the space.

5) Display Your Plants, Fruits And Coffee

Indoor plants allow for warmth and comfort in an industrial, or overly synthetic setting. They offer the perfect contrast to sleek materials, and are a good foil to cookie cutter apartments. Serve the coffee in creatively designed mugs. For a welcoming accessory, make use of ripening fruits for display in a beautiful, oversized acacia bowl.