Three Cool Chairs For Your Shopping List

What if we didn’t have chairs? What a strange, unsettling world it would be. We would come home, and everyday activities we like – watching TV, reading, browsing Facebook – would be done while sitting on the floor. Ouch!

Chairs have beautiful purposes in our home. They are our personal thrones, our seats of honour and familiarity, intimate pieces of furniture that cradle our places in the family. We would be missed if the chairs were empty for too long.   

Chair shopping requires, and deserves, attention. Too much time is spent resting on them not to. Here are three tasteful designer chairs that would enhance any home.

The Imola Chair

Iconic, grand and aesthetically impressive in any living room, the Imola Armchair is made for great moments. With its graceful form, distinctive seat, and unmistakable swooping lines, it is one of BoConcept’s most in-demand chairs.

Inspired by the simple lines of a tennis ball, the Imola Chair has all the makings of a classic. It was the brainchild of Danish designer Henrik Pedersen, who found his design firm in 1996. Applying the passion from his prior fashion training, Pedersen created an enduring BoConcept Design Icon in the Imola, as well as several other popular chairs.

The Fusion Chair

So named because it’s the result of a marriage of two highly regarded design cultures, Danish functionality and Japanese aesthetics, the Fusion Chair by nendo for BoConcept is a veritable work of art.

Designed by Oki Sato, the Japanese designer named Designer of the Year in 2012 by both Wallpaper and Elle Décor International Award, the chair is inspired by origami, the art of turning a two-dimensional continuous surface into variable three-dimensional forms.

There is a sofa base with four different and freely arrange-able cushions to accommodate various sitting and resting postures, and innovative side tables and shelves that enhance the concept of white space.

The standout piece in Sato’s collection has to be the Fusion Armchair. It’s the idea of one single surface folded into a three dimensional form. And the result is comfortable and cosy. With lines that are simple, clean and light, the Fusion armchair is a delicate and sublime touch to the home.

The Fly Chair

Easy on the eye and crafted with a perfect sitting position, the Fly Chair is a modern armchair for the urbanite.

A freestanding, upholstered beauty with 120 fabric and leather options, it is one you can personalise easily. Whether you’re enjoying a conversation or a glass of wine, its elegant form embraces you snugly and the comfortable stance allows you to get up easily.

The best part? It comes with an affordable price tag without sacrificing any quality or functionality. Talk to the sales assistants for options with matching footstools and fabric options.