The Carlton Sofa

By Tommy Wee on 18 Aug 2015

I have a confession. I’m unnaturally fond of my sofa, which happens to be a stone-coloured, three-seater from BoConcept known as the Carlton Sofa. I say “unnatural” because the usual terms of endearment are insufficient to aptly describe the satisfaction I derive from it – it’s the most visually impressive piece of furniture in the entire house that gives me attachment issues.

It’s an understatement to call it an object of immense beauty. The elegantly thin seating frame and legs give it a gloriously “perched” appearance in the middle of the living room. In the universe of cleanly designed home couches, it’s a flawless supermodel.

Carlton Sofa

On weekends, you will find me lying in the embrace of its seductive, leathery folds, watching my favourite TV shows, drifting into a blissful comatose. The natural leather breathes, helping your body cool in the summers, and warming them in the winters. Every detail on the sofa feels pampering and exquisite – from its refined stitching to its excellent workmanship.

The classically refined and perfectly proportioned Carlton sofa boast of leather so soft it feels like you’re sitting in a buttery glove – quite literally the perfect sweet spot of “chic” and “class” in the house for deep relaxation.

But it would be presumptuous to consider the BoConcept Carlton as a basic sofa. Yes, it’s a deeply functional piece, but it’s developed with a modular sofa system that offers a comprehensively wide array of sizes, legs, fabrics and leathers, befitting of any home and style. The Carlton offers a level of personal expression far beyond the usual catalogue pickings.     

With the BoConcept Carlton taking centre stage in your living room, organising the rest of the space becomes a highly personal experience. Whether you have an open floor plan or an intimate room, there is a Carlton that can be customised to suit your lifestyle needs. The fondness just grows.